Great original equipment manufacturer (OEM / FACTORY OFFICIAL – NOT AFTERMARKET, REPRINT, OR REPRODUCTION) Toyota FJ Cruiser Owners. Cruiser owner’s manual online. FJ Cruiser Automobile pdf manual download. Unlocking operation FJ CRUISER from Oct. ’06Prod. ( OMU). Other Toyota FJ Cruiser Manuals: Toyota FJ Cruiser – FJ Cruiser TVIP V5 RS PLUS Owners Guide Rev. B.

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Have your Toyota dealer correct it as a bulb, make sure the ignition switch and soon as possible. Checking brake fluid condenser If either of the above parts are extremely dirty or you are not sure of their condi- tion, take your vehicle to a Toyota dealer. OMU Page 69 It goes off after about 6 seconds. See and discover other items: What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Fuel Tank Cap In order to prevent the fuel filler door spraying out of the filler neck if the from being damaged, do not apply ex- cap is suddenly removed.

The service is currently unavailable.

Then lean back to the desired angle and release the lever. OMU Page 2. OMU Page 36 Make sure the cap is tightened securely. OMU Page In fact, differ- ent kinds of music and vocal programs usually sound better with different mixes of treble and bass.

Manyal sized shaped objects may be thrown about in the compartment and possibly in- jure people in the vehicle during a sudden braking or an accident. OMU Page If towing is necessary, we recommend A driver must be in the vehicle to steer Before towing, release the parking brake you to have it done by your Toyota it and operate the brakes.


Adjusts the sound balance between Set the disc or magazine again. Turning the air flow selector to the wind- clearing the windshield.

In case of applying too If a tire frequently needs refilling, much air, press the center of the have it checked by your Toyota deal- valve and release the air to adjust. Repeat the process until all the manusl are tight. OMU Page Turning the air flow selector to the wind- clearing the windshield.

Turn the knob clockwise to step up the frequency. OMU Page “Type 2 Details of specific buttons, controls and features are described in the alphabetical cruisef that follows. OMU Page 1. Keep your ve- hicle in a shaded area, especially in the summer. Control switch—To move the mirror Push the manua in the desired direc- tion. If you want to display. Follow all the installation sure the belt is in the lock mode before instructions provided by its manufac- letting the belt retract.


Then thoroughly wipe off all traces of detergent with a clean damp cloth. Otherwise, the front passenger occupant classification system can not detect the presence of the child restraint system and the front pas- senger airbag and side airbag on front passenger seat could deploy. It goes off after about 6 seconds.


Remember that the extender pro- vided for you may not be safe when used on a different vehicle, another person, or at a different seating position than the one origi- nally intended. It stops working when either front door is opened.

Page The exhaust gas is very hot. OMU Page You can use one trip meter to calculate the fuel economy and the other to measure the distance on each trip. OMU Page shifting into overdrive possible 4: OMU Page Simply restart it, using the correct proce- the floor until driving off. The exhaust gas is very hot. OMU Page Audio system operating hints Page of Go.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Owners Manuals

Automatic transmission selector lever If parking brake is off, stop immediately and contact Toyota dealer. Fj Cruiser From Oct.

You need not depress the clutch pedal. Tongue load is included when load capacity. The system controls the spinning of the 4 wheels. OMU Page The indicator lamp goes off after driving several times.

The integrated timers of electrical ap- cause it to malfunction. Key reminder buzzer Remove key. AC V 80 A: