Margaret and Patrick have been married just a few months when they set off on what they hope will be a great adventure-a year living in Kenya. Margaret quickly . Jane Shilling on Anita Shreve’s fifteenth novel, A Change in Altitude, a curiously old-fashioned affair set in Kenya. In this, Anita Shreve’s 15th novel, American newlyweds Margaret and Patrick have just arrived in Africa. He works in a hospital in Nairobi; she.

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Beauty depended upon how these features had been arranged, and Patrick seemed to have gotten a goodly share. Climbing the mountain seemed like an opportunity to provide emotional closure for the characters and the reader but for me it did nothing. But nothing is resolved with Rafiq. Published October 28, Updated April 28, Arthur demanded kisses and sherve as well. Patrick is working at a hospital all the hours of the day and he is conscious that, despite the new environment, Margaret might be bored.

There were several men who worked in the kennels, as well as the askari at the gate. Like the big scree, it’s going to be a few steps up, followed by an inevitable backward slide. The Kenyan woman’s journey towards a place of greater social security happens in parallel with Margaret’s reconsideration of herself and her marriage across the book.

In her changw, she knew fear; morally, the thieving felt like reparation. And afterwards, instead of saying “ya know what?

When Patrick developed a rash around his neck, Margaret capitulated.

Perhaps the superhumanly productive Anita Shreve could be persuaded to write a sequel and put this right. Although the couple have been together for two years and married for five months, in some ways they are still strangers, getting to know each other in a foreign land.


Testimony was raw and painful to read but very intense, impossible to put down. The smell of boiling horse meat made its way into the bedroom. His face was in shadow, sunglasses shading his eyes. She has set a series of them in the same waterfront home–different, unrelated characters with diverse stories altituee plotlines and story-telling devices. Diana ahreve, and Margaret worried about the pace of the climb if one of their party was experienced.

The couples quickly become friends and Arthur and Diana offer Patrick and Margaret a nice cottage to use on their property.

She is talked into it though and preparations are made.

She takes a job as a freelance photojournalist for a local newspaper. The Dutch couple tactfully look away but Arthur, she notices, stares directly at her. In the United States, Margaret worked as a newspaper photographer and her ingrained habits of observation are awoken when she sees the slum conditions in which Adhiambo lives.

Aug 06, Nick Duretta rated it it was amazing. At first, Margaret had found anuta gender mismatch disconcerting. View all 3 comments.

Review: A Change in Altitude, by Anita Shreve

This shift initially threw me a bit because the pace is altitkde different. Shreve delves deeply into marriage, a rich, bottomless subject. Once, when Patrick and Margaret left town for a long weekend to travel to the Serengeti, they returned to a cottage from which the contents of their bedroom had been emptied.

Shreve asks readers to think about whether you can separate “actions” from “unintended consequences”. The meat was for the dogs.

Between the foothills of the one and the wide plains of the other — the inclination of value across this divide is no less up for argument than the categories themselves — lives Anita Shreve, who has now produced her 15th novel.


I usually have a door-stop of a Victorian classic or one of the Russians on the go, as well as a contemporary master – Munro and Strout are favourites – not to mention a slender volume of poetry, Tsvetaeva or Rilke, to sustain the soul, followed by a dense, rich dessert, perhaps the latest Anita Shreve novel.

One of her first published stories, Past the Island, Driftingpublished in was awarded an O. Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. While she does go after a journalism job, right away that seems like a thoughtless, dangerous choice given the setting.

I listened to this on audio and it seemed to take forever for the story to get moving. Then she followed the second doctor out the door and along a hospital corridor. Margaret and Patrick were hastily wed in a backyard in Cambridge. Giles Foden’s Turbulence is published by Faber.

A Change in Altitude by Anita Shreve | Book review | Books | The Guardian

Second of all the characters were a little stiff and I didn’t connect to them and their story. But the altiutde 3 or 4 I’ve read I’ve felt very unsatisfied with.

Or, if so, might one, at any moment, be subject to dangerous derangement?