The AKAI SG01V has an average rating of out of 5.(The AKAI SG01V has a total of 14 reviews). Sonic State:SynthSite:AKAI SG01V ted by B Guy. Also on this page: links to other resources for the AKAI SG01V. The SG01V is the blandest MOST boring looking synthesizer ever: mundane the AKAI SG01V not really it’s more like a homekeyboard with cool sounds in a .

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Akai SG01v Vintage Synth module. Opinions?

It’s eg01v nice to be familiar with gear you could find in a pawn shop or Craigslist. There akaii very little you could do to tailor the akia to your needs. Cold war minimal sg01vv sounds. Were more of these released in Europe, I wonder? I sold mine because I thought the new VA synths and the softsynths would be much better in ALL ways than anything else and make the other stuff obsolete No doubt, due to this thread, the value will ‘mysteriously’ start to rise.

Interesting, I was listening to this little guy on Paolo’s Synthmania site a couple of weeks back. We seem to be reviving a real sleeper synth here. Here are some mp3 sound demos just jamming with this little box, through some analog delay and my Nomium Crystal compressor, no multitracking — all sequenced in multitrimbal mode: Hey McHale, check out the sound samples for the Akai, You might find the Akai more usefeul to you than as a talk box.

For those curious, here’s the link: Features at a glance. Help FAQs Go to top. But then again, it’s Akai. View the Media Kit.

AKAI SG01V – Specifications, pictures, prices, links, reviews and ratings

Also check below for more info!!!!!!!! I can’t speak to the Akai as I’ve never played one. Sort of like a Roland MT packed to the max with a lot of old synthesizer samples that AKAI probably had lying around anyways in their huge S-series sample libraries. Akai has always been top notch.


It sounded good before I bought it. I thought it sucked in comparison, and rarely used it. The cute Korg M monosynth. I got this recently from the Delsin Records yard sale, fishing behind the net for some exotic gear this little module was all that was left after a tsunami of greedy gear addicted producers plundered through the machines.

I did check out the sounds after the post appeared – I didn’t know this even existed before then and many are VERY usable. I was very disappointed with it once I got it and quickly sold it for a huge loss. It’s nice to see a piece of gear get the credit it deserves whether its in fashion or not. Outstanding analog synth bass, with plenty of tamed attack resonance. I would be looking for something to pair with a Roland PK-5 midi bass controller and I am hoping to get a John Carpenter “Assault on Precinct 16” bass synth sound out of it.

I just don’t know because I’ve only been aware of this thing for about 30 mins. They seem to be all over Europe, but none here. S y n th s tu f f A k ai S G01 V I got this recently from the Delsin Records yard sale, fishing behind the net for some exotic gear this little module was all that was left after a tsunami of greedy gear addicted producers plundered through the machines. Stream all demos below. They do sound good though.

Akai SG01v – Wikipedia

Manufactured in by the Japanese Akai brand this was an early rompler-rack-synth that jumped on the vintagesynthesizer-hype bandwagon. It is a “vintage synth module”, hence you won’t find realistic grand pianos, saxophones or acoustic guitars here; instead, you will be treated to a series of classic synthesizer and keyboard patches. Good luck on your search. Some supposed “lead” sounds I find to sound great in the mid or bass range, at sg10v with other synths. The filter on this unit is also supposed to be akkai good.


Inspired from the Ondes Martenot, an early synthesizer like the Theremin. I haven’t heard the emu vintage keys, but I think Akai has alot of knowledge when it comes to using sampling to capture the sound of a vintage synth and I think the sampling might be 16 bit so aki makes the sound warmer. One of the presets sounded close, but the example wasn’t representing it in a slower more legato type way as in the soundtrack. Aaki are two on ebay UK I think.

Pretty realistic Leslie effect obtained with filter and LFO settings assigned to modulation wheel. But as I started to use them I would find you were basically stuck with what they gave you. There are also two banks of classic-sounding drums a la TR and Simmons. Gs01v has its sounds as ROM samples, and there is not really much editing but the presets that Akai programmed seem spot on and the choice of synths they emulated when they made this is very impressive.

Looks like a fantastic aka box though.

Incredible polysynth, very useful for many genres. It tells you that every decade had its unsung ag01v of talented programmers and sound designers. It’s amazing that with all the newer things coming out year after year all the older less hyped up stuff gets lost in the woodwork. From Roland’s warm synthesizer JX-3P.

Sure the vocoder and talkbox are cool as hell. You can edit the sounds a bit through the front panel: Patch name with audio demo.