Am primit o notificare de la ANAF ca sunt neconcordante intre CA din si livrarile din decont pe anul Mentionez ca societatea. internet al ANAF-ului. Programul de asistenţă pentru completarea D este realizat sub forma unui fişier pdf inteligent. Pentru utilizarea acestui program de. MUST interface with the IT systems of the other institutions ANAF is in – Decont de taxă pe valoarea adăugată conform OPANAF nr.

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Reeves found large numbers of col iforms and the presence of pathogenic genera in compost made from sewage sludge and sawdust. E — All equipment tanks, heal exchangers, etc. Separate statement is to bo prepareu for each type of metal. Bomba finalului de an! One might expect problems with metal uptake by plants or leaching into the groundwater when the pH is allowed to drop below 6.

Rungs shall be paiallcl, level and uniformily spaced at 30 cm, h Ladders shall he inspected regulaily, and repaired immediately when so indicated. Safe procedures shall be forniulated for’ the coUcctiop. Although Rohde found higher zinc concentrations than copper In the soil he suggested that copper was more likely to be the main cause of poor growth.

Ill tLA J P. In Eastern North America, there are times each year when farm fields are too wet to bear heavy trucks without damaging soil structure or growing crops.

T Krfwifr ifrr tpiFr qsT? Please give details of equipment under each category A. However, this aspect of sludge disposal should not be overlooked. Limed Sludge It has ansf suggested that limed sludge from nutrient removal programs may contain as high as 50 percent of the total solids as calcium carbonate equivalent 20 percent anac.

Method of recruitment, age limit, qualifications, etc. States which fall in such zone are indicated in the footnote.

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Micronutr ients Because the amounts of manganese, iron, copper, zinc, boron, and molybdenum required by plants are small they are referred to as micro- nutrients. It may not be reproduced, in all or in part, part, for any commercial purpose except under a licence from the Queen’s Printer for Ontario.


The eggs can apparently live over winter in the soil in temperate regions but do not survive well in very wet soils. Cost of sales Since about there is once again a surge of interest in the use of sewage sludge in agriculture although other sources of plant nu- trients are now plentiful fecont much more convenient to use.

Because of ddecont cost of hauling, maximum acceptable rates of application are of particular interest. For preserving the anat from deterioralion linseed oil or clear varnish shall be used. Treads and risers on ‘each stairway shall be of uniform width and height.

Id Proper guards and covers shall be provided on mixer gears, chains and rollers. In the case of consumable stoies, small tools and machineiy spates the costs Of which arc insignificant, tJie company may, if it is dedres, maintain such iccoids for the main gropps of such items.

Stone reported one outbreak of the tapeworm Cyst icercus bovis in beef cattle anar on pasture freshly irrigated with raw sewage. Every stairway which affords a means of escape in case of Arc. Amount Cost per unit C. Otherwise, the switches shall be tagged with caution notices, d Only authorised persons shall turn on the switches, on completion oI the maintenance Work, and theu only remove the caution notices, At this concentration, each ton of sludge added to the soil would be approximately equivalent in terms of raising soil pH to adding half a ton of agricultural lime.

Grade n Depidy Official Liquidator. It Is rather surprising that Merz did not find metal toxicities in barley when he used up to metric tons of San Diego sludge solids per hectare in one year. Cadmium in cows’ milk reflects the cadmium level of the pasture on which the cows graze and there is considerable concern about the relation of cadmium to human health. The record of maintenance should he kept in a register. The flanges shall be blanketed and the isolating valves shall be closed and suitably tagged.

The last four digits of these call numbers are used in the literature review. Number of posts, classilicgiion and scale of pay.


The phosphorus content of sludges has increased over the years due apparently to increased use of detergents containing phosphorus 72, GAT inr;2? Purging with fresh air shall be continued dining the course of the work.

Sludge treated with lime for conditioning or for phosphorus ‘L, D. They suggest that this effect can also be avoided by applying the sludge in furrows and seeding on ridges.

Full text of “Land application of sewage sludge /”

Records for the lealisaiion derived from the dLpo. Short title, extent and commencement— 1 These rules may be called Atomic Energy Working of the Mines, Minerals and Handling of Prescribed Substance Rules,2 TTiesc rules extent to znaf whole of India including her territorial waters.

Soils have been used for sewage effluent disposal for many years and sludge disposal for a somewhat shorter period, but it appears that more work is required to set reliable guidelines for safe application of sludge from a bacterial standpoint.

The pH of the resulting digested anat is believed to be in the range of to 8. Action taken on site and result: All o atgoing air lines in air conditioning shall have the same colour as vent lines- viz. For information on reproducing Government of Ontario works, please contact Service Ontario Publications at copvright ontario.

Pockets shall not he provided unnecessarily.

One should not generalize on the value of this, however, as many soils are adequately supplied with nrost of the micronutrients and in some cases the sludge may be of negative value because of excesses. Hca dquar ters—Cha irman 2. In Ontario for example the rate of boron fertilizer required for rutabagas can be toxic to oats or beans.

No modifications in the installation shall be made without prior approval of the Licensing Authoity. Short title and commencement: No lead moved below 60 decpnt.