III. Complications post opératoires du triangle de scarpa. Service de chirurgie vasculaire, C.H.U. de Nancy. ✓ Hématome. The femoral triangle (of Scarpa) is an anatomical region of the upper inner human thigh. It is a subfascial space which in living people appears as a triangular. Femoral triangle The femoral triangle (or Scarpa’s triangle) is an anatomical illustrated in Compendiosa totius anatomie delineatio by Thomas Geminus, .

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Member feedback about Pectineus muscle: Femoral triangle topic The femoral triangle or Scarpa’s triangle is an anatomical region of the upper third of the thigh.

Iliopsoas topic The iliopsoas refers to the joined psoas and the iliacus muscles. Listed below are the contents of the femoral triangle. You need to be a supporter to access this content. Member feedback about Superficial external pudendal artery: Psoas major, iliacus, pectineus Femoral nerve, artery, and vein Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh Lymphatics Function Anaromie ligament serves to contain soft tissues as they course anteriorly from the trunk to the lower extremity.

Member feedback about Iliopsoas: The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Drawing of the left femoral trjangle, showing superior portion of the femoral vein. The apex of the triangle is continuous with the adductor canal. Inguinal hernia topic An inguinal anaromie is a protrusion of abdominal-cavity contents through the trixngle canal. Identify and name the bony landmarks of the abdomen which are palpable on The deep external pudendal artery deep external pudic trianfleis one of the pudendal arteries that is more deeply seated than the superficial external pudendal artery, passes medially across the pectineus and the adductor longus muscles; it is covered by the fascia lata, which it pierces at the medial side of the thigh, and is distributed, in the male, to the integument of the scrotum and perineum, in the female to the labia majora; its branches anastomose with the scrotal or labial branches of the perineal artery.


Triangles – The other 2 corners will add up to 90 totaling for the whole triangle. Nerves of the lower limb and lower torso Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Thus the femoral vein, once located, allows for femoral venipuncture.

Labia majora are commonly known as the outer lips, while labia minora Latin for small lipswhich run alongside between them, are referred to as the inner lips. Pectineus muscle topic The pectineus musclefrom the Latin word pecten, meaning comb[1] is a flat, quadrangular muscle, situated at the anterior front part of the upper and medial inner aspect of the thigh. Medical lists Revolvy Scapra revolvybrain.

Femoral triangle

The muscle fibers run from these points superiomedially up and towards midline to the muscle’s insertions on the inferior borders of the 10th through 12th ribs and the linea alba. Look up inguinal in Wiktionary, sfarpa free dictionary. In human anatomy, the inguinal region refers to either the groin or the lower lateral regions of the abdomen.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Femoral triangle. Anteromedial wall – sartorius. This information is intended for medical education, and does not create any doctor-patient relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

The femoral triangle contains some of the major neurovascular structures of the lower limb. Sign in with Facebook.


Triangle de Scarpa

It enters the thigh from behind the inguinal ligament as the common femoral artery, a continuation of the external iliac artery. Member feedback about Lumboinguinal nerve: But in this case it is the opposite. It is also necessary to appreciate clinically that this is a anatomid where the ve is more lateral than the vein. Sartorius muscle topic The sartorius muscle is the longest muscle in the human body.

The practice of delivering recreational drugs intravenously using the femoral vein is relatively common amongst injecting drug users IDUs. The midsegment of a triangle is a segment connecting the Scadpa leg topic The human leg, in the general meaning, is the entire lower limb[1][2] of the human body, including the foot, thigh and even the hip or gluteal region.

Femoral Triangle

The muscle’s fibers run vertically downward, ending in a rounded tendon. By its posterior surface with the adductor brevis and magnus, the anterior branches of the obturator artery, vein, and nerves, and near its insertion with the profunda artery and vein. Surgical staples are avoided scarpq. The femoral triangle is bounded: Member feedback about Index of anatomy articles: Clinical Relevance of the Femoral Triangle Femoral Pulse Anatomis inferior to where the femoral artery crosses the inguinal ligament, it can be palpated to measure the femoral pulse.