Type: Amateur VHF transceiver. Frequency range: MHz (Europe) MHz (USA). Mode: FM (Max 16 KHz BW). RF Power output. View and Download Azden PCS instruction manual online. 2m FM TRANSCEIVER. PCS Transceiver pdf manual download. Azden PCS Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Azden PCS Instruction Manual.

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Receiver performs well, it works well enough as a 16 channel scanner, but the scan mode is only timeout based, no carrier-out like on modern radios.

I picked mine up from a swap with a friend. I replaced the memory battery twice.

Azden PCS-4000 Manuals

I remember seeing it for the first time in my friends car. I had to own one.

Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. Contact the site with comments or questions. The audio is fine, receiver sensitivity is good. I also pxs care for the user interface wrt.

Azden PCS Radio Transceiver | eBay

I’ve owned this rig since I was first licensed in the mid’s. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager.


I had in my 94 Honda civic glove compartment for 7 years, no problem. Azden is underappriciated in general. In channel mode pushing up will increment the channel, but for some reason pushing down will put you into VFO mode and azde no easy way to get back using the hand-mic buttons.

Stood up to harsh use as a mobile rig. Better than other 2m rigs of that era. New to Ham Radio? A 1F supercap would maintain memory for a few days, should the Ni-Mh battery fail in the future.

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Still own and use occasionally. Only one minor problem – an intermittent loss of TX due to dry joint in the driver stages. Get a lot of interference and with the electronic squelch, it is hard to adjust. I suspect the design is flawed here. Lets see, yup owned this puppy for 20 years now.

Azden PCS 4000 Radio Transceiver

I bought this used for next to nothing, after doing a tiny bit of adjustment it’s working pretty well as my mobile rig. I added a tone board in the early 90’s. I’ve azren it as a “Repeater link” set-up in the mid 90’s from my house. That colorful display still blows people away.


It never failed, always worked.

The real problem is that it will then be stuck at Mainly used for a 2m access port for a packet radio mailbox for 2 years constant service, then good performance when used on voice. Over all the user interface is slightly quirky but simple to use while driving, no complicated menus, just a button for each function. The only part I dislike is the filtering. There’s no lock for those buttons which are fairly easy to push by accident.

I’ve used it on packet.

The previous owner replaced the Ni-Cad battery with a Ni-Mh so no worries about losing the memories when turning it off. For the money it is not a bad deal. It has had some issues with the program memory being corrupted when I turn the ignition on that I’ve had to work around with no real solution, it’s always the same pattern.