The Real Bashar – Channeled by Darryl Anka, Woodland Hills, California. likes · talking about this. This is the OFFICIAL Bashar Communications. If it’s anything like my experience (which was similar yet not precisely the same) then he’s circumventing his limited sense of self using a nonself personality.

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At each sighting we saw a dark metallic, triangular craft about 30 feet on each side. I shared the idea with vocalist Vivek Thomas who found it equally appealing.

He occasionally appears as a guest speaker in conferences about the paranormal. Anka appeared in the documentary, Tuning Inalongside other notable channelers such as Lee Carroll. Ironically, one event scheduled to be held in Las Vegas was entitled “Going M.

We are interacting with you to share certain perspectives that may give you an opportunity to see within yourself more of what it is you contain, to know more about yourselves, to allow bsshar to reflect to you certain ideas you may already know but, perhaps as a civilization, have forgotten about. Bashar is a collective and Anka channels info from the netherworld. I had close-range, broad-daylight sightings of UFOs with witnesses present both times. When not channeling space aliens, Anka has worked as a visual and special effects designer for such films as Star Trek: I did research into this and found the discourse very inspiring.


He is also the cousin of s teen idol Paul Anka. After the encounter, Anka began researching UFOs and the paranormal.

Bashar teaches us to take life lightly. Retrieved March 6,from https: Metaphysia Documentary [20]. There were three blue-white lights, one on each “point”, and one orange-red light in the center. Anka markets a series of “educational” carryl to the public focused on spreading the word of Bashar’s messages.

Darryl Anka born October 12, in Ottawa, Ontario [1] is a spiritual medium who claims to channel an enlightened extraterrestrial entity named Bashar. Anka claims that through this practice, he became attuned to an extraterrestrial presence named Bashar. First Contact [24] [25].

Darryl Anka – RationalWiki

Roger Nygard, Blink, Inc. Ten years later, he met a channeller and began to study the practice. Retrieved from ” https: Dearly Departed [22] [23]. Anka describes Bashar as existing in a parallel reality, in a time frame that we perceive as the future. Retrieved March 7, ank In an interview with “Waking Universe,” Anka recalled how in he had a “close encounter of the first kind” with a black triangular UFO: The woo is out there UFOlogy.

Ufology Authors Living people Paranormal Prophets. The Nature of Existence Documentary [18] [19].

The craft in the first sighting was about feet away; in the second sighting, only about 60 feet away. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: The woo is out there UFOlogy Aliens did it Indian progressive rock band Motherjane released a single, “Clay Play”, [26] in Januarybased on Anka’s character Bashar. External links Twitter Facebook Discord. Views Read Edit Fossil record. Anka describes Bashar as being from an alternate dimensional planet located light-years away in the direction of the Orion constellation, called Essassani.


Anka’s monologues and dialogues with Bashar cover a wide range of topics, including spiritualityplanetary advancement, sacred geometrymetaphysics and extraterrestrial life.

Said drummer John Thomas: Tuning In Documentary [17]. More recently, Anka wrote and directed a fictional documentary about the afterlife called Dearly Departed through znka production company, Zia Films.

Darryl Anka

It says that, lighter the approach, more the chances of desired result. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? Retrieved 4 May For concerns on copyright infringement please see: This page was last modified on 2 Septemberat Retrieved March 6, Anka has “revealed” Bashar’s Four Laws of Creationwhich he claims are intended to assist humanity in recognizing its true nature and function: Anka is currently producing a documentary called First Contact, about channeling and extraterrestrial contact, basbar on his two UFO sightings.