Quantity, Value, Unit, Comment. Appearance Properties. Refractive index, – Appearance. Color (Iodine), <3. Physical Properties. Viscosity, -. India Export Data of ADDITIVE BAYSILONE OL 17 is available only for previous 2 ADDITIVE BAYSILONE OL 17 Export data can be useful in different kind of. BorchiĀ® Gol OL 17 is an additive used to improve flow properties and surface smoothness. This product eliminates spray structures, orange-peel and preve.

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In this last case, the application demands close attention as the cloth must be especially clean and must not leave fibers on the surface being treated.

Baysilone OL17

A particularly preferred embodiment of this invention comprises a mixture of the following proportions by weight:. The drying times of coatings based on Desmodur N polyisocyanate and Desmophen A PMA polyester can be reduced by the addition of catalysts. One of the triangles was immersed for several seconds in a bath containing the following liquid composition:. After drying for several minutes at ambient temperature, a matt black acrylic lacquer was applied to the whole of the tube.

After leaving the sample to drip-dry, varnishing was carried out baysiilone immersion in a two-component varnish to a depth of 25 mm. You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close this dialog bayilone. EXAMPLE byasilone a An adhesive chestnut-colored commercial tape normally used for wrapping having a width of 50 mm was placed on a plate of plexiglass previously immersed for a few seconds in a bath containing the following liquid composition: A particularly preferred embodiment of this invention comprises a mixture of the following proportions by weight: The composition of claim 1 wherein the mixture of organic solvents is in the following proportions by weight: Various paint adherence tests were carried out oll the two triangles namely grid scoring, shock resistance and the entire cutting of the plexiglass.


A composition having the following ingredients provides excellent baysilne characteristics to coatings applied to various substrates pretreated with the composition.

After a few minutes drying at ambient temperature, the sheet metal was dipped lengthwise into a matt green acrylic paint to a depth of mm. As with any product, use of Desmophen A PMA in a given application must be tested including but not limited to field testing in advance by the user 1 determine suitability.

Data sheets for overmetals, plastics, ceramics, and composites. A further object is to use this mixture of organic solvents to rid substrate surfaces completely of all soil such as fatty and greasy materials, dust, silicones and paraffin related products. Furthermore grid scoring, bending, cutting, stamping and punching all failed to dislodge or chip the white lacquer applied to the galvanized steel strip.

BorchiĀ® Gol OL 17

These failed to dislodge or even cause flaking of the red paint on the pretreated plexiglass. Method for reducing the corrosion susceptibility of ferrous metal having fluxing agent residue. Suitable catalysts include Desmorapid PP 0. Dip-coating method for protecting chromatized or passivated zinc coatings on steel or the like.

One extremity of the tube was submerged for several seconds in a bath containing the following liquid composition: In a particular preferred embodiment, the composition according to the invention additionally comprises from 0.

After several minutes of drying at ambient temperature, a white two-component polyurethane lacquer was applied using a spray gun. However, such results are only achieved after numerous preparative steps making these techniques not only long in execution but also rather complex.

Organic solvent based liquid composition for enhancing adherence of coatings to substrates. There follows, for the purposes of illustration and not for limitation of this invention’s scope, several examples demonstrating the improved adherence properties exhibited by various coatings when the composition of the present invention is used.

Other coatings useable in conjunction with the present invention include those arising from chrome-plating, galvanization and gold or silver plating. A liquid composition to enhance adherence of bbaysilone to rigid or semi-rigid substrates, comprising a mixture of organic solvents in the following proportions by weight: These same tests carried out on the non-treated portion of the chrome tube led to areas of paint loss and flaking often in star patterns.


Such surfaces include steel, iron, copper, brass, chrome, tin, aluminum, glass, earthenware, rubber, plastics, polyesters, certain composites and formica.

The composition contains a mixture of baysilonw solvents as follows:. Click here to view all the property values for this datasheet as they were originally entered into MatWeb.

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After a variable drying period ranging baysipone 40 seconds to a few minutes in the open air or for about 15 seconds in a drying shed, the desired final coating may be applied. The sample was then left to drip-dry before reimmersion in the same paint bath to a depth of 60 mm. Schwartz et al, Surface Active Agents and Detergents, vol. Solvent-based activator for ensuring paint adhesion to titanium and stainless steel.

This product eliminates spray structures, orange-peel and prevents the formation of craters. The composition of claim 1 wherein the methylpolysiloxane modified by a polyether is soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons, insoluble in benzene related hydrocarbons and essentially soluble in water.

The composition according to the invention therefore constitutes an additive of choice for effecting improved adhesion of various coatings and in particular of certain paints. It was again dipped into the same bath but this time to a depth of just 70 mm. By “xylenes” is meant mixtures of baysklone ortho, meta and para isomers of xylene whose respective proportions in the composition have no effect on its properties.