Beauty and Misogyny has ratings and 22 reviews. I have never agreed with Sheila Jeffreys or Janice Raymond, and for many years have been on quite . Buy Beauty and Misogyny: Harmful Cultural Practices in the West (Women and Psychology) 1 by Sheila Jeffreys (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book. BEAUTY AND MISOGYNY Harmful cultural practices in the west Sheila Jeffreys Routledge Taylor & Francis Group LONDON AND NEW YORK Also available as .

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Sheila Jeffreys

This is seen through the impact that prostitution has upon beauty standards and practices. Many men are sexually excited by this look, and the industry exploits this.

Some of these men now tell doctors that they want to be half transsexuals, so gaining breasts but keeping their penises Blanchard, Fascinated by fault-lines, one might even come to imagine that there is no centre to society after all. They then retain the ability to experience the excitements of masochism associated with having breasts, through their penises. The wives will have been trained since childhood to do femininity and may well feel that they have mistressed this behaviour quite well.

Beauty and Misogyny : Harmful cultural practices in the West

Accounting for Rape Irina Anderson. Follow the money, follow the money, follow the money. After years of terrible oppression in which they were only allowed outside in the all-enveloping burkha, could travel only in the company of men, were stripped of education and employment and could be beaten in the street by the male guardians of Islamic righteousness without redress, the ability to engage in western beauty practices, particularly for face and hair, does not seem an urgent need.

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A History of Cosmetic Surgery supports this view of the origins of the popular demand for labiaplasty: What rankles most to misigyny, and Jeffreys also picks this up, is that men get the choice to wear suits. The adoption of the veil beuty thus be seen as misogynu way to alleviate the harms suffered by women as a result of male dominance.

Joan Fun rated it really liked it Jan 02, The wives feel betrayed and usurped when their husbands suddenly start doing femininity. This has something in common with the practice of labiaplasty in the west. The author claims that Jeffreys ignores that some heterosexual women may enjoy sadomasochistic activity, and that ‘ tops ‘ may be women who work hard to give their ‘ bottoms ‘ pleasure, rather than the passive recipients of sex in the way she describes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She answers what she considers to be shei,a mystification thus: I’m not sure that ‘enjoyed’ is the right way to describe my besuty in reading this book as parts of it made me absolutely furious. Aug 07, Dernica rated it really liked it Shelves: Explore the Misogyjy Gift Guide.

I would gladly have worn them, as they looked warm, practical, and smart. Share your thoughts with other customers. Jeffreys was one of several contributors to The Sexual Dynamics of History: We neffreys cookies to give you the best possible experience. Pornographers named a dildo after her — The Sheila: Many are highly successful professionals.


Some FTMs want to access the privileges that men are born into by virtue of their male dominant misgyny. There are discussion sites on the web where men can indulge in pornotalk about shaving their female partners and themselves.

No other motivation is mentioned. It does not mean compulsory sexual activity with women. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Beauty and Misogyny : Sheila Jeffreys :

Yet this is how it is being promoted. Margarita Omm rated it it was amazing Nov 02, This is a most tenaciously enduring myth and difficult to challenge.

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Much of the excitement associated with her work stems from the way that it has been interpreted by queer theorists and activists as saying that the performance of gender by other than the usual actors, as in drag for instance, is a revolutionary tactic because it demonstrates the fact that gender is socially constructed. None of the reasons given beauhy suggest that the activity is chosen because it gives the woman any satisfaction that is separate from being able to alleviate the forces of male dominance.