ally a how-to book on copywriting that explains the science behind copy! I’m learning The formula for writing bullets is first to state the benefit and then follow. COPYWRITING – HOW TO CRAFT COMPELLING COPY. 2. Feel free to email, . And don’t forget to use plenty of bullets and numbered lists. Think your. Here is my list of the best copywriters and copywriting resources. Those guys were great, the pioneers of copy but they aren’t on this list. in the business, Gary is semi-retired now but his marketing bullets newsletter is still.

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You get a very valuable, exclusive video: A top conversion optimization expert, teaching a unique blend of copywriting and direct response design.

She is the creator of The Authentic-Copy Interactive course and she blogs here. Although not a copywriter himself, Brian is a giant in the world of direct response. Almost every well-known copywriter owns the course – and many have been known to show off their dog-eared copy of the templates as proof of how much they rely on it. Derek also has a course available at Copyhour.

You can listen to my interview with Keith here. They either write copy for a living or they teach it. Please keep the suggestions coming, I want this list to be the most complete and thorough resource that it can be….

Luke writes a blog here. How to use headlines, persuasion and hooks: I know I will be missing people out. Perry is known for his work with Google Adwords as well many other aspects of marketing. You can check out his copwyriting here. Because you have your own private member account, you can now access the training and content, all the templates and all the digital media, from anywhere, anytime Marcia is the author of many books filehype No-Hype Copywriting: Nick specializes in copywriting for the web.


The Recipes and Cheat Sheets give you step-by-step instructions, with examples, on how to easily put together: Mindy has a proven track record as a copywriter and you can find her latest blog posts here. This is my personal list.

His Masters of Copywriting product is one of the best collections of copywriting interviews anywhere in the world.

182 Greatest Copywriters and Copywriting Resources of the Internet Age

Here is a free video of him teaching his 12 step copywriting formula at a workshop. She is the creator of Top Copywriting Secrets. Jimmy coopy a direct response veteran. You can listen to my interview with Kevin here. Vin takes a collaborative approach to copywriting and taps into the power of the mastermind principle by copywriting with his team.

Bob writes a blog that has a wealth of great info on it. Fast Effective Copy has everything you’ve been waiting for Shaune is the president of Dynamic Response Marketing and creator of the copywriting coaching program.

All of which means, there’s nobody quite like David when it bulket to helping you create cash-generating copy quickly and easily. Rick is known as the copy ranger. He occasionally speaks at AWAI events.

Bret is the author of Client Rush. You can check out my interview with Sally here. Since I first published this article several years ago, no one has climbed the copy ranks faster than Pauline during that time. Some of you may be asking yourself why in the world would we offer such a stunning amount of training, support and proven money making expertise for such a low price. Tools and Techniques for Profitable Persuasion.


Nick does cover a range of other topics too, including copy related subjects such as video marketing, product launches and webinars. Eric is known as the conversion doctor and you can get his conversion boosting tips on his blog.

Fast, Effective Sales Copy with David Garfinkel & Brian McLeod

However in recent years his focus has shifted predominantly to conversions. You can listen to my interview with Trevor here. She specializes copyeriting online and offline direct response marketing packages and runs small workshops for business owners called the Basic Business Builder Workshop to help them with the foundations of their marketing.

His blog is also a good place to learn. You can also check out my interview with Bob Bly right here. You can check out his ninja marketing blog here. Glenn is the author of Write Better Copy. His book Writing Riches: He writes a blog and has copywritinf sorts of free goodies on his website too.