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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Engine housing, Cylinder, Piston all Twins Inner engine parts all Twins Gearbox all Twins Rear transmission all Twins Rear swing arm and transmission all models Front swing and steering all modelsrims, spokes, tires Frame, fenders, tank, seats all models Frame, fender, tank, seat for all models Exhaust system all models Carburator, airfilter all models Tuesday to Friday from Thank you for your interest in our products for older BMW motorcycles.

This is our latest edition of an English version of our catalog, we hope this edition will help you locate your parts more easily. Parts descriptions are translated in English bessee.

We apologize for mistakes forehand. A note to owners of BMW motorcycles built after We stock nearly all spare parts for these models and we have a catalog for them exclusively. All catalogs are available for download from our web-site as zipped.

All software tools to unzip and read them are free and readily available. By cross-refering a part description with the picture in the diagram, we hope to eliminate misunderstandings and incorrect part orders.

The diagrams and listings also show that machrn do indeed keep all parts for old BMWs in stock and ready for shipment.

Search results

Please notice that we offer many used parts. We do not sell junk—rather good, useable parts. The price of a used part is generally half the price of the new part.

Exceptions to this are rare parts that are no longer available. We are a customer-oriented company. If you have technical questions regarding your BMW we are happy to answer them. We have been riding, servicing and selling old BMWs for years—we are experts regarding what we sell. We answer all inquiries in the order they are received and as soon as possible.

Suggestions are always welcome! Terms and Conditions The shipping-cost will be charged accoring to the conditions displayed in a list you will find on our website under www.


The forwarder and the shipping-method we will determin for you, depending on the nature of the goods you buy. All shipments however are insured against loss. Online-orders include the shipping-cost and all additions and will be processed when you confirm the order. Every order will result in shipping-cost, no matter if you order few or may items. No shipment will be transport-fee free. The shipping-cost includes the german VAT in any case, which is no error.

The average runtime within Germany is labourdays. The average runtime in foreign countries varies from labourdays, depending on the destination. The shipping-companies themselves do not guarantee the delivery within the standard-runtime, unless you do not order additional service performances. We are capable to ship complete motorcycles, sidecars and combinations as well. Cost and delivery conditions under request. Payment Conditions – Bankdraft: We draw the total from your bank-account, if besssr is bank in Germany.

You do not have to care or worry for anything. The quickest and most convenient way to pay. Bankdraft from banks ouside of Germany are not possible. Please transfer your bessed details to us, We need the long number, expiry-date and the 3-digit security-code. Do not use email to transmit the machfn Only Fax, telephone and our webshop are safe.

Maestro- or bankingcards are not valid. This service cannot be used in many countries.

Literature, accessories, helmets – R50/5-R

In any case, an extra charge will be added. If you transfer the money to one of our bank-accounts, the goods will be sent out without delay. Using the online-shop, you can proceed with the payment as soon as the buying process is finished. Mention the document-number, please. Reparation of Components If you send in components of motorcycles for reparation, please do not forget to include a detailed discription of the labour you want us to perform.

Without such a discription, the work cannot be done. If you should fail to do so, we would probably have to charge an addi- tional cleaning-fee. Pack the things carefully, many valuable parts break or get scratched due to impropper packing. The letter you send with hertwedk component must also include your full name and home-address.

Repeal It is your privilege as a end-customer to repeal the contract within the first 14 days after your purchase. This right is only valid if we had sent the hergweck to you, not if you had bought them in our shop locality.


Please declare your repeal within 14 days in written form a. Send the Reapeal to: In some cases, we would refund the value with an equivalent decuction. This return-shipping-costs are displayed in our online shop, befor you macheb the order in the last step.

If you must pay more shipping fee for a standard parcel, we will refund this more costs. The refund of the money must macehn do within 14 days.

No Repeal for bussiness customers, clubs and societys.

Literature, accessories & helmets – R50/5-R100

If you have the wish to send back goods, please ask us before! No Repeal if you bought the good in our local shop. The goods you return will be subject to a credit, and the parts you want to buy instead will be charged as usual. If you had picked up the commodity in our shop locality, the right is invalid. The right mentioned avove is valid 12 moths only if the commodity is secondhand.

Of course we inspect all secondhand and used parts thoroughly before we sell them. Your shipmets to us will be accepted under the condition that the transportation-fee has been paid for. If it should be your wish not to expend transportation-fees prior to the return, we would like you to get in contact with us.

Changes in prices can and will occur. We do not guarantee for printed prices. The prices in the online-shop are currently adopted and valid in general. All prices are in Euro. Pricelists in other currencies than EURO do not exist. Also, the invoices we set up are in EURO exclusively. Tuesday to Friday DE Payments can be transfered to: Reprint, copying or any kind of publishing — even parts of it — needs our writen permission!

We apologize for all possible mistakes and price changes. Engine all Singles Picture-No. Send in all parts! Sent in ALL parts!

Mahen engine parts all Twins Picture-No. We need the size! Gearbox all Singles Picture-No. Gearbox all Twins Picture-No. Rear transmission all Twins Picture-No. Rear swing arm and transmission all models Picture-No.