DA PAM FUNCTIONAL USERS MANUAL FOR THE ARMY MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM–(TAMMS-A). CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. DA PAM –8. The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) Users Manual. This administrative revision, dated 22 August Study 8 MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (DA PAM ) flashcards from Timmathy M. on StudyBlue.

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Manage Maintenance Records and Forms Action: Manage maintenance records and forms.

Generate, maintain, close out, and determine the disposition of maintenance records and forms IAW the current maintenance management, and an end user manual. Read Chapter 4, in DA Pam Ensure classroom is available and ready for training. Ensure overhead projector, screen, and VGTs are on hand. Ensure all materials are on hand and in quantities needed. Read and understand B03 TSP prior to conducting va. Ensure equipment is available and on site. State the complete action, conditions, standards, safety, risk assessment level, and environmental considerations.

Discuss the importance of being able to properly manage maintenance records and forms, and explain that units operating under the ULLS will use printouts or automated reports in place of the manual forms. Units that are not automated will maintain manual forms.

Introduce the lesson topics to be discussed. Show VGT 11 a. Maintenance records control schedules and services, inspections, and repair workloads; and are used to report, ask for, and record repair work.

They help keep up with the status of equipment for readiness, warranty, equipment and use and logistics reports. Inform students the ULLS does the same functions and operations for maintenance records and forms as it does for operational records 7387-50 forms. These records and forms will be used in the practical exercises and the performance evaluation.


Inform students that the following are ULLS generated records and forms: Inform students that the following are manual records and pamphlrt that are still being used if the unit is not automated with the ULLS.

Show VGT 13 f. DA Form Exchange Tag h. Refer students to DA Pam pamplhet, pageSection Refer students to DA PampageSection b. The maintenance section leaders review the form prior to its 78-750 to ensure all actions have been taken or recorded within the ULLS. This includes the worksheet on equipment sent to support maintenance.

It updates the DCR. This process will update the service due file, the EDF, and the component data file. However, the user must calculate and enter the next special service, lube, and AOAP due date. These service types and dates are written to the dispatch printouts and listed under service due date. AR governs this program. The first automated hard copy is used for accountability purposes and then destroyed when equipment is returned to the unit.

The second automated hard copy is stapled to a blank DA Form or by the support activity. The unit will keep this copy for 90 days after the equipment is fixed.

Refer students to DA 738–750page Inform students that the following records and forms are manual and are used if the unit is not automated. Inform students that the DD Form can still be used for load testing equipment, i. You are given a ten percent variance before or after the schedule of days, miles, or hours.



NMC time on equipment still in support maintenance at the end of a report period will be provided to the owning unit by telephone or other ds means. When the oil laboratory gives you a printout, it lists when the next sample is due. It can be used for two years on non reportable equipment. After repair is done, the tag identifies the item as fixed. These faults include PMCS, maintenance activity inspections, diagnostic checks, and spot checks, except as noted.

When used to inspect pamphoet like items, the DA Form will list all deficiencies, shortcomings, and corrective actions taken. Refer students oamphlet DA Pampage 23, and during the discussion, refer them to Figure That is, authorized delay for maintenance actions. Look for faults that may affect the mission and faults that are overdue for repair. Check on the status of parts on order. Look for any faults that have been fixed, but not closed out.

Check for any faults overdue for repair. Review Determine if students have learned the material presented by: Conduct a pmaphlet exercise on generating, maintaining, closing out, and the disposition of maintenance records and forms using the ULLS-G.


Practical Exercise Instructions a. Ensure students complete the practical exercise within the allotted time. Provide solutions to the practical exercise. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.