I compute the return on invested capital at the start of for each company in my public company sample of . Aswath Damodaran said. January 28, at am by Aswath Damodaran . for these companies to estimate excess returns (ROIC – Cost of Capital) for each firm. Return on Capital or Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) is something I . Aswath Damodaran is an NYU professor and the guru of valuation.

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If there is a common theme, it is that change is now par for the course in almost every business and that inertia on the part of management can be devastating. It’s also worth mentioning the inherent risk of the business models – one could argue that Costco is less risky than Google because it operates in a more traditional industry where product life cycles aren’t changing by the minute.

Aswath Damodaran – January Data Update 7: Growth and Value

The Math of Compounding. Send me ocassional third party offers Yes No.

Specifically, as I have in prior years, I will examine whether the returns generated by firms are higher than, roughly equal to or lower than their costs of capital, and in the process, answer one on the fundamental questions in investing. Measurement and Implications Credit Suisse This samodaran a research paper that I randomly came across online.

If you are holding a stock for 1 or 2 years, then valuation is critical because the majority of daomdaran will be driven by the difference between price paid and intrinsic value. There are “low-margin” good companies, like Walmart, that make up for low margins with high sales turnover and “high-margin” bad companies, that invest a great deal and sell very little, with many high-end retailers and manufacturers falling into this grouping. I could tell you stories that can answer this question differently, but the answer lies in the numbers.

We respect your privacy no spam ever. There are several ways to measure Return on Capital, but my preferred method is Return on Invested Capital ROIC which seeks to measure the return to all capital holders debt and equity. Damoearan to which of these various measures of profitability damodaean use, the answer depends on the following:.

Generally, you would expect companies in markets that are more protected damidaran competition either domestic or global to do better than companies in markets where competition is fierce. However, if you are holding a stock for 30 years, a discount or premium to value becomes insignificant as it gets spread out over many years. We would want to analyze the ROIC for both companies over multiple years to understand how sustainable it is and how susceptible it is damoddaran a cyclical downturn.


January Data Update 2: Using numbers, 22, companies, representing The higher operating margin alone doesn’t make Alphabet a better business than Costco. Good businesses generate high returns on capital and they do so with consistency.

Notwithstanding claims to the contrary, there are many companies where managers left to their own devices, will find ways to spend investor money badly and need to be held to account. To counter that, I also computed a ten-year average ROIC dxmodaran those companies with ten years of historical data or more and that number compared to the cost of capital.

Thus, if your story is dmodaran your company will benefit from economies of scale, I reflect that damodara by letting its operating margins improve over time, and if your narrative is that of a company with a valuable brand name, I endow it with much higher operating margins than other companies in the sector, but there is one limitation of profit margins. Numbers don’t lie, or do they? Notwithstanding these concerns, analysts damodagan compute a return on invested capital ROIC as a measure of investment return earned by a company:.

While the entire sector data is available for both US and Global damodraan, the list below highlights the non-financial service sectors that earn less than the cost of capital:. The electronics business is one example, where margins have collapsed and returns have followed The telecommunications business, was for long a solid business, where big infrastructure investments were funded with debt, but the companies whether they be phone or cable were able to use their quasi or regulated monopoly status to pass those costs on to their customers, but it has now slipped into the bad business column, as technology has undercut its monopoly powers.

January Data Update 3: Second, to measure the capital that a company has invested in its existing investments, you often have begin with what is shown as capital invested in a balance sheet, implicitly assuming that book value is a good proxy for capital invested.


I wasn’t lucky enough to take his class when I was at NYU but I have watched many Youtube videos of his classes all of which he records and shares online.

Spreadsheet with country data. Unlike profit margins, where profits are scaled to revenues, accounting returns scale profits to invested capital.

Once I have the measures of these returns, I can compare them with the costs of equity and invested capital that I have estimated already for these companies to estimate excess returns ROIC – Cost of Capital for each firm.

As you digest the bad news in the cross section, if you are a manager or investor, you are probably already looking for reasons why your company or business is the exception. Note, that this is a comparison biased significantly towards finding good news, since by using a ten-average for the return on invested capital, I am reducing my sample to 14, survivor firms, more likely to be winners than losers.

Aswath Damodaran – January 2018 Data Update 7: Growth and Value

In the table below, I look at excess returns, broken down by region:. With financial service firms, where the excess returns are better measured by looking at roid difference between ROE and cost of equity, the excess returns remain positive for the moment, but the future hold sthe terrifying prospect of unbridled competition from the fin tech startups.

I think that this is one of the most powerful yet underestimated principles across all of investing literature and it makes me think that I should have probably started this post rooc it given its importance. The distribution of net and pre-tax operating margins, across all companies globally, can be seen below:.

ROIC = NOPAT / Invested Capital

Many of the sectors that delivered the danodaran returns in were in the natural resource sectors, and depressed commodity prices can be fingered as the culprit. It is true that my accounting returns are based upon one year’s earnings, and that even good companies have bad years, and using a normalized return on capital where I use the average return on capital earned over 10 years does brighten the picture a bit:.

The distribution across damdoaran firms is reported below:.