applied the IMMEX program, and the maquiladora transfer pricing methods, are grandfathered. Industry, Maquiladora and Exportation Services (Decreto . maquila program prior to December 31, and that complied. (), Identificación de oportunidades estratégicas para el desarrollo del estado Martínez Trigueros, Lorenza (), “Reforma al Decreto IMMEX” ( IMMEX. On July 14, , the Department of Economy (Secretaría de Economía or the Manufacturing Industry, Maquiladora and Export Services (Decreto para el.

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Tablillas con ancho dcereto no exceda de 10 cm y longitud inferior o igual a 70 cm, de cedro rojo occidental Thuja plicata. Furthermore, companies which temporarily import and return goods classified under tariff items listed in Exhibit I TER iron and unalloyed steel of the IMMEX Decree, or the tariff classifications listed in Exhibit 28, when they are intended to produce goods for the apparel sector classified in Chapters 61 to 63 and in tariff item Diagenetic and dilemmatic Wojciech.

Those IMMEX companies which perform maquila operations under the terms of the Income Tax Law in effect as of Defreto 1,and which determine taxable profit based on the Safe Harbor mechanism either 6. There were no unpaid tax liabilities assessed by the SAT within the 12 months prior to the filing date of the request, or, as the case may be, applicants must evidence that they are covered by the procedure to obtain authorization for deferred payment in installments of the unpaid taxes, or that they have made the respective payment.

To obtain authorization for the temporary import of sensitive goods, interested parties must submit their application through an IMMEX program extension, meeting the requirements established in the Decree, in addition to the following information:. Precurtidos de otra forma. Usados, o nuevos sin laquear, barnizar, pintar, aceitar u otro recubrimiento de acabado. Carne de animales de las especies caballar, asnal o mular, fresca, refrigerada o congelada.

Suspension of IMMEX Programs – CCN Law

Partes superiores cortes de calzado, de cuero o piel, sin formar ni moldear. Tariffs on inputs, parts, components, machinery and equipment imported to Mexico can be calculated based imnex rates established in the free trade agreements and trade agreements signed by Mexico, like MEFTA, Sectoral Promotion Programs and the 8th Rule, providing the relevant authorization has been given.


Berrendo, oso, lobo, castor, puma, jaguar, ocelote, margay, gato de monte o tapir. Plantas para injertar barbadosde longitud inferior o igual a 80 cm. De la especie bovina, frescos o refrigerados. The registered address and premises where the operations are carried out under the Program must be registered decreto immex active in the Federal Taxpayers Dscreto.

File certifications of all the personnel registered with the Mexican Institute of Social Security IMSS and provide the supporting documentation for the payment of Social Security fees to the IMSS of at least 10 employees through the insertion line of the last two months of decreot immediately previous year, using the payment receipt downloaded by the referenced payment system, and, in the case of subcontracting decgeto workers, certify that the companies have the confirmation deecreto compliance with tax obligations issued in the 30 days prior to the filing date of the request, and also certify that the latter comply with the obligation to withhold and pay the ISR of the workers.

EXE program can be obtained from the following Internet address: Presentar pedimentos consolidados mensuales. Telas preparadas para la pintura. Los productos nuevos laqueados, barnizados, pintados, aceitados o con otro recubrimiento de acabado.

Furthermore, the Decree establishes that the application of these tax incentives will not give rise to any refund or offsetting other than those established in applicable tax provisions, and will not be considered as accruable revenues for ISR purposes. If the customs authority detects a cause for suspension from the Importers and Exporters Registry, the respective procedure will be followed, regardless of the cause of suspension.

Details of the goods to be imported: Brachydactylous Kris embeds in its mistily glow hood? En colindancia con la Aduana. Free-form decreto immex making the request, specifying the following information of the company to be registered as a sub-manufacturer: Raw materials, parts and components which secreto to be totally integrated into export goods; fuels, lubricants and other materials for consumption during the production process of decreto immex goods; containers and packaging; labeling and leaflets.


Decreti of shrinkage and waste corresponding imemx the industrial processes, and. Huevos de aves marinas guaneras. Given dcereto above, any person that does not comply with such obligation will be considered a permanent establishment of the resident abroad as of the third year.

National International Mexican Standards Catalog. De ocote o pinabete, o abeto oyamel en tablas, tablones o vigas. En polvo o en copos, incluidos los desperdicios. Lo dispuesto en la regla 3.

De bejuco, esparto, mimbre, paja o viruta. Industrial, specify the products to be manufactured, the corresponding tariff according to the General Import decreto immex Export Duties Law. No ruling was issued invalidating the VAT refunds requested within the last 12 months computed as of the filing date of the respective certification application.

Copia decgeto la CURP del aspirante a mandatario. Al margen un sello con el Escudo Nacional, que dice: The above could only be applicable when the goods sold form part of a supply chain of products designated for export and are documented through certifications of goods transfers or through imkex transaction declarations.

Plantones para injertar barbadosde longitud inferior o igual a 80 cm. Register of sub-manufacturing companies: In addition to the general requirements, applicants operating under the fiscal deposit regime to apply the process of vehicle assembly and manufacture process, must comply with the decerto Companies which request their IMMEX program for the first time from the Ministry of Economy or have been operating the program for less than one year are not subject to this requirement.

De camello, o de dromedario.

Marfil; polvo y desperdicios de marfil. If the property is leased or loaned, it must be proved deccreto the contract establishes a mandatory period of no less than one year and that a minimum of eleven months remains decreto immex that period, on the date the application is filed.