Metrel MI Eurotest MODEL Cal-MI Eurotest CATEGORY Calibration Services. Calibration Service Prices quoted are for calibrations. Testing of Electrical Installations. VDE BS CEI HD EN VDE Eurotest , Instaltest Eurotest , Instaltest. Module: Alphatek 18 in 1 Combination Tester APILF. 18 in 1 Electrical Combination Tester. Eurotest A true 18 in 1 instrument which combines all.

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Harmonics How to carry out the measurement? See allowed trip out time ranges in the following table. MI Eurotest Instrument description Legend: Set-up functions The following actions can be done in the Set-up menu: IT earthing mode systems support.

Page 30 MI Eurotest Measurement instructions How to carry out Earth Resistance measurement using standard four-lead test method in combination with test clamp? Latest Products Top newest. Page 2 Mark on your equipment certifies that this equipment meets the requirements of the EU European Union concerning safety and interference causing equipment regulations.

Earth test set 50m. The Eurotest will recognise automatically, whether there is a free-voltage or energised installation. Use only standard or optional test cables, supplied by your distributor! The organisation is 661557 Installation structure and may be created by a measurer either directly on the Eurotest simultaneously with storing test results, or prepared in advance by means of PC with eurotes PC SW Euro Link. MI Eurotest Maintenance One set of full-capacity batteries can supply the instrument approx.


METREL Eurotest 61557 User Manual

Last current result will stay displayed. A in combination with Universal Test Cable or opt. MI Eurotest Measurement instructions 3. Type of approval certificate.

List Of Parameters 611557 By The Eurotest Consider all generally known precautions, in order to avoid risk of electric shock, while dealing with electric installations! If the test equipment is used in manner not specified in this MI Eurotest Technical specification 6. Test voltage V DC.

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Example of the third partial result Reswitch RCD, fourth test will follow automatically. The following types can be selected: Page 31 MI Eurotest Measurement instructions Uw handleiding is per email verstuurd.

Metrel Alphatek Eurotest Electrical Installation Tester | eBay

How to carry out the Contact Voltage measurement? U kunt hieronder aangeven waarom deze vraag ongepast is. Don’t have an account? MI Eurotest Table of contents 5.


Green lamp should light. The accessories marked as optional may also be standard ones in some set configurations; Please see attached list of standard accessories for your set configuration or contact your dealer for further information. Nylon strip it serves the operator to carry the instrument hung on his neck. See an example of the result on the figure below. Don’t show me this message again.

Eurotest 61557 MI 2086

The voltage can be set to 50, or V and it is currently displayed on top display line. Measurement starts eurotes run continuous measurementresult is currently displayed; see an example of the result on the figure below. Metrel Eurotest MI Telecommunication measuring equipment Cable and 615557 tracing Cooper networks IT networks Optical networks Spectrum analysers more Specific Earth Resistance It is advisable to measure Earth Resistivity, when calculating parameters of earthing system required length and surface of earth electrodes, most appropriate depth of installing earthing system etc.