Chorus SR V Loudspeaker. 40% Off Entire Amazing-Sounding Focal Chorus V Loudspeaker Series. Surround Yourself With Sonic Brilliance: Focal’s. Mar 10, Focal’s new Chorus V Series speakers replace the S Series models, SR V surrounds ($1,/pair), and the SW V sub ($). Surround Speaker Focal Chorus SR V High-end audio components and hifi audio equipment specification.

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What Focal has done is to develop a new enclosure-finish based on an acrylic coating technology which looks similar to piano gloss, chlrus which is applied to the baffle, rear and top panels, but which can be implemented at a much lower cost.

Please apply exchange offer again. Sensitivity is sf800v too, so that almost any amplifier will do as long as it auditions well. Exchange offer is not applicable with this product.

Focal Chorus | TechRadar

Similarly, the surround speakers focus less sharply, and allow a wider area of good surround sound than more directional direct-radiating designs, especially in smaller rooms. Home Audio Systems 5. They must be doing something right; ultra-high-end speaker manufacturer Wilson Audio has used Focal drivers for as long as I can remember.

It boasts of exquisite sonic characteristics, enriching both your experience and room decor with flair. JMLab form, making them even less susceptible to finger damage. Jackson fan, but I didn’t totally buy his performance in Black Snake Moan.

Focal Chorus CCV The centre channel speaker of a multi-speaker setup is responsible for the delivery of approximately 70 per cent of the sound. Log in or register to post comments. The whole ensemble rests on a massive aluminium baseplate with retractable spiked feet to give it detachment from the floor and provide brilliant performance.


I auditioned nearly the complete Focal series at a dealer, and I was truly impressed. The pewter-colored metal is claimed to be very light and well damped to help minimize the ringing, often equated with a nasty harshness, you can sometimes get with metal-dome tweeters. That might have something to do with the speakers’ extraordinarily fine, airy, and delicate treble detail. New product price is lower than exchange product price. The little guys are said to increase the speaker diaphragm rigidity without substantially increasing its weight.

One nitpickā€”I found the sub’s blue LEDs to be distractingly bright at night. My only true concern was for the speakers, because the DVD’s dynamics lacked the punch I’ve heard with some speakers in the Chorus’ price class.

The V towers belted out bass with aplomb. Power output should not be much of an issue in practice.

Leave this field blank. Thank you for your interest You will be notified when this product will be in stock. The tweeter mounting plates have also had a makeover to reduce distortion at lower frequencies, and the bass drivers have twin reflex ports, which help at high volume levels by reducing wind velocity through the port tubes.

Focal Chorus 836V with Chorus CC800V and Chorus SR 800V and Chorus SW 800V Speaker System

Truly an impressive series dr800v speakers. India’s fastest online shopping destination. Here We Go Again. It is, like all Focal tweeters, inverted, so it curves inward instead of bulging out the way most dome tweeters do.


It is not so firmly wedded to the benefits of multichannel replay that it only performs adequately with film soundtracks. If you’re looking for what was once a world-beating formula of indigenous originality and sophistication, you’re best crossing the channel and heading to companies like Triangle, Cabasse and Focal.

Burnside’s blues, I believed his every word. Up to the point where Jackson picked up his guitar, he was perfectly fine. Though I suspect, the Focal CD had very carefully controlled dynamics to maximize the sound quality.

They are best used attached chprus the side walls brackets are supplied near or just behind the listening plane. Our Verdict An impressive system that will perform well in most settings. GoldenEar Technology Triton One.

The Focal Chorus SRV comprises of two-way sealed bipolar effect speaker with a Polyfix wall bracket for very easy wall-mounting. I was really rather taken with this Chorus set. JMlab, based in France, has been conspicuously successful, sr800g the product really is designed, and manufactured, in Focal’s own factories.

JMLab, for the kind of form once that epitomised the best of sophisticated European design and manufacture. The Focal Chorus CCV carries on the Focal tradition of merging high quality sound in an elegant package for truly all-round performance.