A D&D 5th Edition Conversion of the Early Edition Adventure Module. Classic Adventure. M odule Conversion. WG4. The Forgotten. Temple of. Tharizdun. I’m going to start picking apart the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, and see if there’s anything that we might glean from a close examination. Over 25 years later, The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun still creeps me out. I’m not entirely sure why, but I suspect, even moreso than its.

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It certainly lends a much deeper and more oc aspect of horror to the second half of the adventure than one typically sees in the early TSR modules.

Thoughts on The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

Bloch’s points about “strategic patience” reminded me of something I noticed about these early Gygax modules, namely the possibility for all kinds of interesting story twists in them, and how they can lead to something well beyond what’s just written in the text. It’s a very effective mood piece and one I’d love to be able to emulate some day in thagizdun own work.

He was, as I’ve said elsewherea pretty traditional fellow when it came to moral matters and so Tharizdun, while ancient and thus unspeakably evil is nevertheless evil. Maybe put two keys somewhere nearby in the undertemple and give the third key to the witch doctor up in the second level. In fact, the lowest chamber at the very bottom is filled with a supernatural cold that can only be protected against with special purple robes found in the old rooms of the priests, which cover the entire body.

The module is designed to turn the PCs into worshipers of the Chained God. There’s a creepiness that comes from thinking about an evil from the time before time.


Also, please check your gmail. Once the group get to the stronghold of the humanoids, they face a battle royale against the gnolls, norkers, trolls, ogres and giants forgotte they protect their lair. Also, putting loot like a Cube of Force in a deadly place was simply the style. Sadly, even if the hidden room and the ladder are found, there is very little to actually do at the bottom.

Having advanced this far, the characters are likely to be driven insane, killed outright, or permanently trapped within the underground firgotten.

Take that image and juxtapose it against an ancient temple dedicated to an avatar of Ultimate Evil and you have to admit that it’s jarring.

Rich rated it really liked it Feb 19, In any case, the adventure text suggests a group of Thraizdun of levels Since the module was originally written, almost a quarter of a century has passed and today we have so much more inspirational material to draw from which we can use to get a lot more bang out of this simple but very intriguing premise.

The Forgotten Temple Of Tharizdun

At the point that the adventure was written, Tharizdun was an unknown tharizdnu this is the first mention of the imprisoned god. This is what fantasy art should strive to be – mysterious, tantalizing, and elusive. Retrieved from ” https: In modern games, which are much more plot-driven and which demand the PCs move on to the next location to advance the story, this would indeed be a problem.

Bambra noted that “The Temple is brought to life excellently and contains plenty for players to think about, gaining entry requires good tactical play and an imaginative fodgotten is needed to fathom out the Temple’s hidden secrets.

New Gazetteer at Greyhawk Grognard.


Thoughts on The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun – Greyhawk Grognard

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. My players ended up in a bug hunt for the survivors, which is where all the extra creepiness began to set in.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Module 1 – 10 of 90 books. And somehow, in this chamber, it hovers as a big black sphere of dark mist above an altar.

Bloch has mentioned in tying the Temple of Elemental Evil with Eclavdra’s machinations… Nor was Gygax the only one to do this. Dean rated it liked it Jun 02, Nintendo and Tetris go way back. The module is entirely illustrated by an artist otherwise unknown to me, Karen Nelson. Didn’t White Plume Mountain allude to the possibility that Keraptis had actually returned in some form, or that someone was trying to take advantage of that, remple leaving the truth ambiguous…? Other books in the tharizdum.

One of the “little things” about this module fo I didn’t see mentioned is its designation code: You may well be correct. All sought with utmost endeavor to discern what had happened to Tharizdun, so that he could be freed and returned to rule over them once again. I never noticed the similarities to a reactor core — great insight! I asked this over at Canonfire, and several people answered by saying that their players wanted to keep fharizdun artifacts out of the wrong hands, or otherwise wanted to ensure the safety of the local population: