This letter announces the issuance of a new Federal Personnel Manual (FPM) .. (See FPM supplement , subchapter 24, for information on when an. In § , paragraph (b)(3) is amended by removing “FPM Supplement 31” and by adding “the Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping” in. It should be used as a guide and a supplement to, but not a (1) FPM Supplement –33, The Guide to Processing Personnel Actions.

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While in nonpay status, an on-call employee may be eligible for unemployment compensation, depending on individual State law; an agency should make an effort to inform employees of their eligibility. Annuities are based on an employee’s length of service and the highest annual basic pay re- ceived for any 3 consecutive years.

At a minimum the agreement must supplemenh Identify the annual agen- cywide goal set for establishing or converting additional part-time positions and the percentage of the goal achieved as of the end of the reporting period.

Federal personnel manual system

While the intent of Congress in passing the Act was to increase the opportunities available to those who require or prefer part-time fp, there is no specific prohibi- tion against an individual’s holding two part-time positions either in the same or different agencies.

The material on seasonal and intermittent employment is entirely new and marks the first time we have issued general instructions governing such employment.

Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Seasonal employees are indicated by: This item is only available as the following downloads: Please footnote iiM rts. A part-time employee who works on an “in lieu of” holiday shall be paid straight time for hours worked. It is also possible to have “split-level” job sharing in which one job sharer performs duties classified at a higher grade level than the duties performed by the other employee sharing the position.

An agency ffpm consider an employee request for delay in recall to duty.

The guide to processing personnel actions.

Similar Items Related Subjects: The tour of duty for a part-time employee on an alternative work schedule see FPM chapter may be set on the basis of from 32 to 64 hours per pay period. Even though aeces’ cetlings will no longer be controlled on I. The following exclusions from reporting turnover apply: For this purpose a temporary promotion or detail of days or less to a full-time position does not count as supplemwnt break in part-time service.


This may be accomplished by including a review of part-time employment as part of internal personnel management evaluations. Maximum carryover at the end of the leave year is the same as for a full-time employee. The tour of duty for a part-time employee must be no less than 16 and no more than 32 hours per week except as provided in 926-33 Relevant portions of the definition of the competitive service from title 5, United States Code, are reprinted below: If the work is of a more fpn nature, i.

Coverage under the Act also affects the Government contribution to the health benefits premiums of a part-time employee participating in the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program as described in section A break in service of more than 3 calendar days or movement to a full-time position for more than days would mean that if the employee later returned to a part-time work schedule, he or she would be covered by all provisions of the Act.

An employee in such a position is not subject to the provisions of the Act 5 U. Release and Recall Procedures The Act also requires an agency to report progress under the Act to the Office of Personnel Management twice yearly. An intermittent employee is not eligible for holiday pay.

When a part-time or full-time employee is changed to intermittent, unused sick leave is held in abeyance until the employee suplement to a scheduled tour, or separates and forfeits the leave after a 3-year break in service.

Job sharers may also work alternate suppleement so long as each job sharer works no more than 32 hours a week and has supplwment least one hour of work Attachment to FPM Letter 9 regularly scheduled in each of the two weeks of the bi-weekly pay period. Release and recall must be accomplished according to a specific plan and in an established order.

For the purposes- of pay and leave, an “in lieu of holiday” is a day which is to be treated as a holiday instead of a legal.

See FPM chapter for information on term and temporary employment and subchapter 4 of this chapter for information on intermittent employment. Experience indicates that the ability to expand part- time opportunities is influenced by such factors as: Reduction in Force Such broad terms are not reflective of the work the employee is actually expected to perform.

  ASTM D5227 PDF

For example, seasonal employees work in parks and forests, Internal Revenue Service and suppplement offices, and other organizations where the work is characterized by seasonal fluctua- tions.

A Notification of Personnel Action must be pro- cessed to change the employee from one work schedule to another. A Comptroller General decision 57 Comp. The duties of an agency part-time employment program coordinator shall include: Gross basic pay is computed by multiplying the employee’s hourly rate of pay by the number of hours worked during the pay period. The Act requires an agency to issue regulations setting up a program to promote part-time employment.

Please enter the message. An employee who has continuously worked on a part-time work schedule since before April 8,is excluded from the 16 to 32 hour per week tour of duty and health insurance prorating provisions of the Act for as long as he or she continues to work on a part-time work schedule without a break in service 5 CFR Sick leave accrues at the rate of 1 hour for each 20 hours in a pay status.

See FPM supplements and Terms and Conditions of Employment Change to full-time work schedule. See subchapter 4 for information on crediting service for an intermittent seasonal employee. When released from competitive level, a part-time employee can compete only for other part-time jobs.

The guide to processing personnel actions. (Continually updated resource, ) []

Line 10 should be less than or supppement to line 9 in each column. Part-time work is prorated in determining whether an employee meets the X qualification requirements. Attachment to FPM Letter 4 Although an employee is exempt from the 16 to 32 hour per week tour of duty requirements of the Act, he or she may be required by an agency to work between 16 and 32 hours per week upon movement to a different posi- tion.