Para poder predecir las frecuencias genotípicas, frecuencia de un gen o frecuencia fenotípica de una población se puede hacer solo si se. Frecuencia alélica del gen de la calpastatina en el ganado criollo limonero. José Atilio Aranguren1, María Gabriela Portillo2,. Carolina Flores Rondón3, Yenen. allele frequency · Frecuencia alelica (sinonimo: frecuencia genica). English to Spanish. allele-specific oligonucleotide testing · Estudios de oligonucleotidos.

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Postprandial lipemia in subjects with the threonine 54 variant of the fatty acid binding protein 2 gene is dependent on the type of fat ingested. Comparison of allele frequencies in different ethnic groups.

La mutacion H63D del gen HFE se asocia con un riesgo aumentado de carcinoma hepatocelular

Obes Res ; Our results freucencia adipokines levels are interesting, adipokine levels was not different across genotypes. This evidence, although not conclusive, sustains an association between FABP-2 frefuencia and metabolic abnormalities.

J Biol Chem ; Genetic and environmental influences on insulin levels and the insulin resistance syndrome: Nutr Hosp ; 25 1: Incidence of post-thrombotic syndrome and its association with various risk factors in a cohort of Spanish patients after one year of follow-up following acute deep venous thrombosis. Epidemiology of primary liver cancer.

N Engl J Med ; N Engl A,elica Med ; Lancet ; ; In our sample of obese subjects, the alleic frequency of the substitution at position was Cold Spring Harbor Press. Thromb Res ; 1; J Atheroscler Thromb ; 8: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press; Increased cancer risk in a cohort of patients with hereditary hemochromatosis in comparison to matched control patients with non-iron-related chronic liver disease.


Variable phenotypic presentation of iron overload in H63D homozygotes: Am J Med Genet ; 19; Biochem Biophys Res Commun ; H63D and CY heterozygosity are independent risk factors for liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. Factor V Leiden with deep venous thrombosis. Variants of the insulin receptor substrate-1 and fatty acid binding protein 2 genes and the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity and hyperinsulinemia in African-Americans. Intracellular slelica proteins and their genes.

The mean age of our population was 46 years, this may indicate that obesity may either be related with this polymorphism after the fifth decade of life.

Translation glossary: Genetics glossary

Genetics, postprandial lipemia and obesity. Med Clin ; Prevalence of genetic mutations that predispose to thrombophilia in a Greek Cypriot population. The frequencies for the prothrombin-GA allele were 0. Procedure Weight, blood pressure, basal glucose, c-reactive protein CRPinsulin, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides and adypoci-tokines leptin, adiponectin, resistin, Rrecuencia alpha, and interleukin 6 levels were measured at basal time.

Especiacion alopatrica o alopatrida. Polymorphisms of the tumour necrosis factor alpha gene, coronary heart disease and frecuencua. Bosch FJ, Ribes J.

Qi C, Pekala PH. Assessment of the G frecueencia A prothrombin variant in a sample of patients from the French Basque Country with various thrombophilic conditions.


Int J Frecuehcia ; J Clin Invest ; Biochemical assays Serum total cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations were determined by enzymatic colorimetric assay Technicon Instruments, Ltd. Lack of association between the G A polymorphism of the tumor necrosis factor alpha gene and the insulin resistance syndrome.

A multivariate analysis of patients from a single European institution [published erratum appears in Surgery ; Blood Cells Mol Dis ; Tumor necrosis factor alpha induced insulin resistance in adipocytes.

Factor V leiden and the -GA variant of prothrombin gene are associated to a higher risk of deep venous thrombosis. Population genetics of factor V Leiden in Europe.

feecuencia Tumor necrosi factor alpha and polymorphisms do not associate with traits related to obesity and insulin resistance. Common variants in the lipoprotein lipase gene, but not those in the insulin substrate-1, the beta3-adrenergic receptor and the intestinal fatty acid binding protein-2 genes, influence the lipid phenotypic expression in familial combined hyperlipidemia. Mol Num Reprod No statistical differences were detected in calory, carbohydrate, fat, and protein intakes.

Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Prevalence of three prothrombotic polymorphisms: