Feel free to muse along! Monday, May 19, [Trollbabe] Why trollbabes aren’t dogs. This is a post about Ron Edward’s RPG Trollbabe () and It has definitely been the case that I’ve seen and played Trollbabe in the. We decided to play Trollbabe, a role playing game by Ron Edwards feminists, who try to create pornography free of sexist assumptions. Trollbabe [Ron Edwards] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Here’s a principle of game design: So I printed them out. It has taken the RPG community a long time fre understand that obviousness; I think Sorcerer might be one of the first games to make it even somewhat explicit, and Sorcerer was published in I should clarify, I don’t mean to say that a strict interpretation of the conflict rules demands that we only have short-range magic.

There are a few possibilities, depending on who calls the conflict, and how the zombies have been described. Perhaps Lida should have a needsomething that she wants for herself and which gives her some drives of her own.

It is the only way to keep enjoying the game. All players play Trollbabes, large, horned female beings which are somewhere between humans and trolls. I do have a couple of comments about an age-old debate though. The best gaming example I know is Geralt in The Witcher 2.

So, either your opposition to hot warrior women in gaming is satisfied or you must admit that it is not fear of sexism, but pure prudery, that drives your opposition. So in order to stop the priest without harming more than his dignity, she starts making fun of him.

The problem, though, is that most of the other kinds of reason which generate interesting conflicts do require a character who has some investment in the situation, and that’s just what you don’t have in Trollbabe. In a game that is about tree rules for the power distribution among the participants, here’s this tiny little trad assumption slipped in that the GM is the behavior police.


Trollbabe – Wikipedia

Only if you are very lucky will the good Dogs in the Vineyard stuff start happening! On the other hand we have the straight up recognition that, role-playing being a conversation between actual people, the procedures only get activated when someone calls for them.

What am I missing? The only way that Magic works as a major venue of trollbwbe is if you allow the notion of dueling-at-a-distance.

And that’s where we’re back to negotiation and consensus. The GM has called for a roll, but I don’t know how to frame a Goal for my trollbabe in this situation. If I say she climbs a tower, she climbs the tower. I was amused to discover that in one of our earliest ttollbabe we had some of the exact problems I’d just outlined in the other thread.

I assume this is either unintentional or temporary. I’m a big believer in firm rules and clear procedures. The example I used does scream You Are Important, but: A task-resolution trollbabd to climb trkllbabe wall is quick and simple and clear in its outcome Trollbabe is a game about risk to the people around you.

You’re very much caught up in the situation. A Demon in Sorcerer is an abusive relationship.

[Trollbabe] (I did it…) My Way

If the situation doesn’t grip you, It’s perfectly fine to move on, and the GM will present a new one. In other words, they’re mostly about “how to talk about things. Then I grind the root up into a powder. That’s not, whether a single person makes a great change across a large region which is what happened herebut whether that single person’s life is improved or changed in some way.

I can’t speak for cowboys, but Seven Samurai is very good. Maybe one trollbabe is the mother of the other. So frfe I see people come into narrative RPGs and their first instinct is to create characters who are rugged loners with no family, no friends, no emotional attachments that might cause them real pain in the course of the story – and this is guaranteed to be really boring for everyone concerned.

Newer Post Older Post Home. And perhaps I should get the new book? Actually, world-weariness and self-loathing troplbabe common traits in loner protagonists, if not the Schwarzenegger figure you seem to have in mind.


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Trollbbae there are some old Forge posts where Ron says that things like “I escape” and “I survive” are not good conflict goals, because they’re too passive. You’re right that both Witcher and Witcher 2 do a good job of presenting Dogs in the Vineyard-like scenarios where The Right Thing is not totally obvious.

Probably Social, but possibly Fighting. But first a minor point about the stakes. In fact it could probably have ended earlier, after Lida’s first defeat at the village. But I think those are the very situations that tend to make magic boring and lame in other games.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So Baldur was the stakes somehow, not whether the religion spread. The GM can troplbabe “no, that action type is not available” to the player tollbabe the player troplbabe a conflict, but the player can’t say “no, I’m using Social not Fighting in this conflict” to the GM after the GM declares a conflict.

Once you accept the above, it’s largely a semantic detail as to whether one should revoke the rule about conflicts being with characters who are “present in the scene”, or if one should simply have more expansive definition of “scene”. They consist of rounds in which you can succeed or fail, and are defined to be best-of-1, best-of-3 or best-of-5, depending on how interesting and important you think the conflict is. I tried to buy several RPG books during the past week-and-a-half, and Monsterhearts is the only one where I’ve gotten to the stage tree actually paying for it!

So, textual criticism aside, I do really like Trollbabe.

If you fail a roll, you can reroll, using one of a predefined set of once-per-session backup options “a sudden ally”, “a found item”, and so on or one of your relationships.