Funeral Ikos. John Tavener. K. Funeral Ikos Tracklist. 1 Ikon of Light / Funeral Ikos / Carol: The Lamb. Show all albums by John Tavener. Info on the recording by Peter Phillips and The Tallis Scholars of music by Sir John Tavener. Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Funeral Ikos, for chorus on AllMusic.

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As said job unto his friends, so sayI also unto you: There shall none of these things aid us, but only to say oft the psalm: But whither now go the souls? And no one then could succour him, but only pined away as they gazed on him, and wept for him in the grave: For earth thou funerla, and unto the earth shalt thou return.

For in Hell there is no-repentance, nor further remission there. For out of the earth were we mortals made, and unto the earth shall we return again, as thou didst command when thou madest me, saying unto me: Tavener, Purcell, Barber and Byrd, were 3 composers who wore their hearts on their sleeves, and whose art saw their emotions laid bare, in an atmospheric concert with the Armonico Consort, where magical musical moments are intertwined with sublime The site is also available in several languages.


Where then is the glory of this world? For often have we walked together, and together in the house of God have sung: He was all agitated, and trembled greatly when the hour was come, and cried, O father, help me!

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Funeral Ikos, for chorus | Details | AllMusic

I first heard this piece in aroundon September 11, at a memorial service for that day. Youth and the beauty of the body fade at the hour of death, and the tongue then burneth fiercely, and the parched throat is inflamed. January Total duration: Armonico ConsortChristopher Monks conductor.

But when ye shall sing these things make mention, now and then, of me whom ye have known. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. For I made not haste to say the psalm: Fare ye well, 0 my friends, my children.

For with difficulty do I announce these things. Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats. We go forth on the path eternal, and as condemned, with downcast faces, present ouselves before the only God eternal.

I remind ye, O ios brethren, my children, and my friends: Sit ye again and say: Where, then, around about thee wilt thou gaze, O man?

Funeral Ikos

With ecstasy are we inflamed if we but hear that there is light eternal yonder; that there is the fountain of our life, and there delight eternal ; that there is Paradise, wherein every soul of Righteous Ones rejoiceth.


The words are consolatory in tone, though they do not minimize the reality of death, the gateway to Paradise. Forget me not, when unto the Lord ye pray. Rise now, all ye, and make ready, and when ye are set, hearken ye unto the word. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

TenebraeNigel Short conductor. Terrible, my brethren, is the judgment Seat before which all we must appear. All my friends do I abandon, and go hence. But whither now- go the souls? Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Following his conversion to the Orthodox Church his music became inspired by its liturgical and mystical texts. But make commemoration of me with the song: Hush, then ; be dumb.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Unless thou hast led an upright life, and hast done good to the needy, singing: Whither, also, we mortals wend our way, making of our funeral dirge the song: