Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is a compound of the elements gallium and arsenic. It is a III-V direct . GaAs diodes can be used for the detection of X-rays. Type I heterojunctions are quite common, the important GaAs – AlGaAs system is sometimes called an isotype junction, the pn-type a diode type junctions. The double-Schottky-diode model of Oldham and Milnes. The l-V characteristics of the GaAs-Ge isotype heterojunctions investigated by Anderson .

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The hole and electron part of the total current now are different even for a perfectly symmetric junction! In other projects Wikimedia Commons. First, we align the Fermi energies.

These processors were several times faster ixotype several orders of magnitude more radiation proof than silicon counterparts, but were more expensive. For the intrinsic carrier concentrations of any semiconductor we have the basic equations:. Extended cavity diode laser Volume Bragg grating laser.

GaAs has been used to produce near-infrared laser diodes since Then we bend the bands – in a smaller region on the more heavily doped side – but always identical for the band edges! Semiconductor laser theory Laser diode rate equations. Critical Reviews in Toxicology. If a GaAs boule is grown with excess arsenic present, it gets certain defectsin usotype arsenic antisite defects an arsenic atom at a gallium atom site within the crystal lattice.

Cray eventually built one GaAs-based machine in the early s, the Cray-3but the effort was not adequately capitalized, and the company filed for bankruptcy in After all, the equations for I-V -characteristics across a junction without the space charge layer part in the simple or more complex form did not contain anything about the shape of the band bending – only the potential difference and bulk properties of materials to the left and right of the junction.

To the left and the right of the junction the bands are bend accordingly, and so is the vacuum energy. The measurement device contains a light source and a device for the spectral detection isotypf the band gap.


Gallium arsenide – Wikipedia

Journal of Crystal Growth. Refractive index n D. Because GaAs and AlAs have almost the gaass lattice constantthe layers have very little induced strainwhich allows them to be grown almost arbitrarily thick.

For homojunctionsthe number of electrons flowing into the p -type part is then the same as the number of electrons flowing into the n -part.

Exactly the same thing as for differently doped Si:. GaAs diodes can be used for the detection of X-rays. Also many solar cars utilize GaAs in solar arrays. Some electronic properties of gallium arsenide are superior to those of silicon.

didoe Silicon has an indirect bandgap and so is relatively poor at emitting light. Consequently, GaAs thin films must be supported on a substrate material. Concerns over GaAs’s susceptibility to heat damage have been raised, but it has been speculated that certain manufacturers would benefit from such limitations, considering the planned obsolescence cycle that many consumer electronics are designed to follow.

The discontinuities of the bands are such that both types of carriers, electrons and holes, need energy D E C and D E Vresp. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat This leaves us with something new: It is also used dioxe the manufacture of Gunn diodes for the generation of microwaves.

To give a relevant example: We can not join the two materials! Nobody knows how to do that in some kind of comprehensive theory.

GaAs does not have a native oxide, does not easily support a stable adherent insulating layer, and does not possess the dielectric strength or surface passivating qualities of the Si-SiO 2. The band bending necessary for adjusting the potentials on both sides of the junction so that the Fermi energy is identical, may be seen as independent of the value of the discontinuities. However, at least in the type I case, only one kind of carrier will flow as is obvious and shown below.

Gallium arsenide single crystals can be prepared by three industrial processes: Views Read Edit View history. Far away from the junction, everything is unchanged.


There are many heterojunctions and we will not be able to delve very deep into the subject. Some kind of cusp or notch must form in the conduction or valence band, depending on the details of the system. This type of heterojunction is sometimes called an isotype junctionthe pn -type a diode type junctions.

SiO 2 is not only a good insulator with a band gap of 8. To make things even more complicated for pessimistsor to add more possibilities for engineering with heterojunction for optimistswe now can produce junctions with specific properties between materials of the same doping type – even for identical carrier concentrations. This tells us, that the basic diode characteristics assuming that nothing happens in the space charge region must still be valid in its general form, but with one big difference that transfers into a decisive property of heterojunctions:.

We now have a degree of freedom for all heterojunctions, which did not occur for homojunctions: This low carrier concentration is similar to an intrinsic perfectly undoped crystal, but much easier to achieve in practice.

Gallium arsenide

We also have the energy of the band edges, E C and E Vand from their difference the bandgap energy E g. Lets imagine symmetrical junctions, i. Naturally, the bandgaps are always different, but only specifying E g 1 and E g 2 and of course the Fermi energy in 1 and 2 is not sufficient to describe the heterosystem before the contact of the materials 1 and 2. For manufacturing solar cells, silicon has relatively low absorptivity for sunlight, meaning about micrometers of Si is needed to absorb most sunlight.

In contrast to “simple” band diagrams in Sithe vacuum energy level is now included and defines the zero point of the energy axis. Such a layer is relatively robust and easy to handle. In addition, a Si crystal has a very stable structure and can be grown to very large diameter boules and processed with very good yields.