The Good Muslim has ratings and reviews. Pankaj Mishra praised A Golden Age, Tahmima Anam’s debut novel, as a “startlingly accomplished and. In “A Golden Age,”Tahmima Anam chronicled Bangladesh’s war for independence through the story of Rehana Haque, a widow drawn. Delicate, heart-wrenching and poetic, this is a novel ofgreat poise and power.” — Tash Aw, author of The Harmony Silk Factory Set in Bangladesh at a ti.

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The Good Muslim by Tahmima Anam – review

Apr 26, Bibliophile rated it really liked it Shelves: Tanmima comes back home and even joins a newspaper, sharing her views on the new political situation of Bangladesh, but doesn’t find solace in that, yahmima her real piece lies with Sohail only, who she feels has abandoned her just like that for religion.

It charts the very different directions the siblings take as a result of their experiences during the war. A young, independent, secular, woman doctor is estranged from the handsome, bookish, older brother she long admired as he returns from the war a battered soul who immerses himself in religious practice–a move she refuses to try to understand and resents.

The Bones of Grace.

That was back in And while the focus of the novel is on the clash between secularism and faith, it also raises that critical question of how — when both sides have committed war crimes — can bood country achieve tahmma and reconciliation in a postwar period?

Hardcoverpages. Imagine my surprise at finding out a quarter of the way through that this book is a sequel to Golden Age! Maya is a strong protagonist and there is much to admire about her, but at times she stumbles forward when a little more finesse may have worked a little better.

But both of them were selfish. Retrieved from ” https: The problem is that this is ultimately a story about tahmina relationships, and it doesn’t benefit from so much jumping around; in A Golden Age, Anam let scenes and relationships develop more slowly, and it worked better.


The author discusses the idea of a family rebuilding as their nation does the same. But, set in Bangladesh in two alternating time periods,just after the war of independence and 12 years later in when political disillusionment anamm set in, the novel does not only depict the conflicts that beset Maya in the early days of feminism in a traditional culture.

The Good Muslim – Wikipedia

I have read a couple of books this year which incorporate this war from different perspectives Basti and Midnight’s Children and this is definitely my favourite. It’s rather like a third character – a hazy, ill-defined character that wields enormous juslim over the others but never comes into the foreground where it can be faced.

Better than the prequel A Golden Age. As in the old days, Maya can’t help finding ways of getting herself in hot water. Although, in the mean time, during Maya’s mother’s sudden illness, it forces her to find peace muslin the beliefs and comfort of the holy book and its teachings, and also serving as an activist for all those who have suffered from the war.

Revolution And The Question Of ‘The Good Muslim’

All in all, The Good Muslim is a pretty great book, tahnima that you can devour into. Deciding to go the route of becoming a Doctor, Maya pursues her dream and trains to be the best medical woman she possibly can be. Show 25 qnam 50 All. I received an advance review copy of this book for free through the Goodreads First Reads giveaway program.

Sohail has a son, Zaid, who also plays a significant role. She involves herself in the rescue of Zaid from a father who seems monstrous, but is actually too involved in his own mourning and reparation to concern himself with his child. While A Golden Age’s central themes center around the different kind of loves experienced by humans and to what length we will go for it, The Good Muslim is about family musoim faith.

Novelist Tahmima Anam Asks: Who Is ‘The Good Muslim’? : NPR

She lives in London. All I knew tahmija it before I learned from year 11 geography class, in which we used Bangladesh as a topic country – so my understanding of the country is one of high infant mortality rates, poor standard of living, low GDP, and rivers that flood routinely, depositing nutrient-rich sediment in which they plant their rice crops.


Maybe Anam was just trying to be balanced or something, but even there, I could do without another book where a woman not previously interested in these things suddenly decides she needs a husband and babies to be happy after all–and the romance was weak and uninteresting, although fortunately it doesn’t take up much time. Maya returns home after almost a decade of absence and finds her beloved brother Sohail completely transformed. Lacking these things, and faced with a cast goood characters almost exclusively preoccupied with religion and politics, I did not enjoy this novel at all.

Maya, an independent young woman who helped in the war and spent her time afterwards helping women get rid of the babies of rape by enemy soldiers, struggles with this new Sohail.

Now, in The Good Muslim it is tahmkma years after the war and Maya tahmlma just returned to Dhaka, to the family home and over the course of the novel we In A Golden AgeTahmima Anam’s first book in this Bangladesh trilogy the focus is on Rehana, the mother of Maya and Sohail and most of the book takes place from March anaj Decemberduring the Bangladesh War of Independence.

Their mother Rehanna does what she always has, devote herself to her family. Now that the revolution was successful, brother and sister struggle on how to cope in this budding time of peace. And when she came up again, she was different, as though she had gone under and told all the bones of her to put themselves back in order.