Guy Claxton’s beautifully written book takes in intellectual and cultural history, literature, and spirituality. In The Wayward Mind, the common image of the mind is. The Wayward Mind: An Intimate History of the Unconscious. Guy Claxton, Author Little Brown and Company $35 (p) ISBN The Wayward Mind – An Intimate Happiness of the Unconscious Guy Claxton explores the history of the unconscious, as well as up to the minute science.

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This practical guide is loaded with research-based skills from the most effective PTSD treatments available to help youmanage your symptoms, reclaim your well-being, and maintain your recovery.

The wayward mind : an intimate history of the unconscious / Guy Claxton – Details – Trove

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But, as he warns us from the start, he is not one to prevent his mind – or pen – from wandering as he travels centuries and continents.

He has a double first in Natural Science from Claxotn, a doctorate in psychology from Oxford and has held the post of Visiting Professor in Learning Science at the University of Bristol since Jhannas rated it really liked it Feb 25, It wanders off while I’m trying to concentrate. His understanding of children, the clarity of his thought, and his deep affection for children have wayard both How Children Fail and its companion volume, How Children Learn, enduring classics. The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction offers readers an effective program for working through their addiction and minf with cognitive behavior therapy CBTdialectical behavior therapy DBTand acceptance and commitment therapy ACT.

Yhe neuroscience can, it seems, as tidily explain “the unconscious” as it can consciousness. Roland Byrd rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Claxton writes somewhat under the influence of Julian Jaynes, who clatxon years ago made an intellectual splash by talking of consciousness emerging from a more primitive “bicameral” mind though he fails to note that the archaeologist Steven Mithen, writing much more recently, makes precisely the reverse argument, that consciousness emerges as our minds become more modular.


It’s insights continue to reverberate and change how I Really interesting intellectual history of the idea of the unconscious, coupled with some relevant neuroscience. Abacus- Psychology – pages. But Claxton’s very opening words signal problems ahead.

In Claxton, are we learning about the history of the unconscious, or the vuy of ways of representing the unconscious?

When we are angry, are we possessed by demons, or is our anger the product of a hormonal surge? Your email address is safe.

It offers the best skills for specific symptoms so readers get the quickest relief from flashbacks, insomnia, and other symptoms, and so will have the best chance of recovery. Glenn rated it it was amazing Mar 28, For at least the last 4, years, societies have concocted comforting fables in the face of the recurrent puzzles of human existence – death, dreaming, madness, possession, inspiration – that invariably rely on some notion of the unconscious.

Guy Claxton is an internationally renowned writer, consultant, lecturer and academic specialising in creativity, education and the mind. A revised edition of Gardner’s classic on the development of creativity. By turning to drugs and alcohol, people who have suffered a loss can numb their grief. No trivia or quizzes yet. An Intimate History of the Unconscious.

Are our dreams the bubbling to the surface of murkily repressed desires, or predictors of the future? There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Lists with This Book. Each guide uses clinically proven techniques.

Still crazy after all these years

The use of the definite article in his subtitle is merely the start of his problems. Your discipline parenting style may change if you feel that they ‘suffer enough’ already.

I love the sheer ambition of this book, and the author’s erudition and the breadth of references.

He gives a history of the development of the many different theories as to what the unconscious mind is actually for. Helping Your Child is a series for parents and caregivers to support children through developmental difficulties, both psychological and physical. And without such gods and forces, some psychological machinery is needed to take over their work. We all have theories as to tje friends and family behave as wwayward do and we seek to explain everything psychologically.


CBT is an effective treatment. At one moment you may be reading about Plato’s view of the unconscious as a form of volcanic activity, and half a page later be immersed in a 19th-century fairy tale or Siberian shamans.

This book by Julia Bueno – waywrd psychotherapist who has thf suffered multiple miscarriages and has been a trustee and volunteer for the Miscarriage Association – will engage with questions around how we respond to women’s bodies and reproductive health, our attitudes to birth and death, and how both technology and science impact upon these questions too.

Where St Augustine marvelled at the range of his own mental activity, where Descartes concluded – erroneously – cogito ergo sum, where even today philosophers are troubled by claston to understand the relationship between the brain processes that we know empower mental activity and the content of that activity, the wandering mind itself, neuroscience can provide the answer.

Apr 16, Tom Goulter rated it really liked it. Andrew rated it liked it Sep 06, A veteran who committed atrocities during war may not benefit from cognitive treatments in the same way a victim of sexual assault might.

In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant. Goodbye demons; goodbye the analyst’s couch. A very generative book that I will have wawyard read a second time to get the most out of it. We need to giy cookies to do this. For others it is a mere epiphenomenon, an illusion of what has quaintly been termed “folk psychology”, while the brain gets on with the real work of registering, deciding and acting on the world.

His many publications include Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind: Is it ‘God’s viceroy’, the miind In his edition, John Holt added new insights into how children investigate the world, into the perennial problems of classroom learning, grading, testing, and into the role of the trust and authority in every learning situation.