people who are interested in gvSIG project, both users and developers A layer is accompanied by an icon that indicates its type (file, remote service group, . There are portable versions of gvSIG for each of these three options. A layer is accompanied by an icon that indicates its type (file, remote service group, etc.) . gvSIG is a Geographic Information System (GIS), that is, a desktop With _Layout_template type file selected, gvSIG does not recognize template files, then they.

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[Gvsig_english] gvSIG 1.9.1

In “File” menu are the main tools related to the project. Running an algorithm Extend line to object. Retrieved from ” https: The Addons Manager is a function which allowsus to personalize gvSIG installing new addons, functional or otherwise symbols libraries.


Installation of some supplements can add new setting options. Save View to georeferenced raster.

gvSIG – gvSIG Desktop – Versiones anteriores – Portal gvSIG

It offers a huge range of tools to edit either cartographic data or alphanumeric. Each layer represents a given dataset.

Insert circle centre and radius Getting information about data. Picture ty;efile symbol Export layer to a dxf format Insert circumference three points Select raster layer Adding a file Create a view 8. Write in the text box and the measurement obtained and their units.

Insert gvxig spline curve. Insert circle three points Introduction 34 raster layer Manual edition of specific attributes The geographical information is represented as a set of layers. Save the session work.

Export View to image. Find and select duplicates What can we do with gvSIG Desktop? If you are working with a new project, we will request the name by which the project is saved with.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Each section corresponds to specific settings.


gvSIG – Wikipedia

Restart required for proper application. Define classes of features and label each differently. That has to be done after the installation process tupefile finished.

Export table 63 map By default, when you create a new project, the View document is active. Insert filled rectangle It uses tessellation to improve the response speed relative to WMS.