Second Contact has ratings and 56 reviews. David said: This novel is the first in the Colonization Trilogy. Set in the ‘s, twenty years after t. Colonization: Second Contact Summary. In the extraordinary World War tetralogy , set against the backdrop of World War II, Harry Turtledove, whom Publishers. [A] tour de force of speculative historical fiction. Highly recommended.”—Library Journal In the extraordinary Worldwar tetralogy.

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As Germany, the USSR, and the United States each have large-scale space capability, any of the three nations may have been responsible for the attack. In this turfledove Book 2.

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Jul 04, Text Addict rated it it was ok Shelves: Views Read Edit View history.

But the humanity comes through in each main character, and even in the aliens. As usual, a strong mix of the full range of humanity, from the most humble to the most power. It seems like it is more about the Lizards having their own personal ‘sexual revolution’ than it is about humanity. The reading is creditable, but not the best. There are still enormous enmities between the three super-powers; the United States, the German Reich, and the Soviet Union.

Second Contact | Turtledove | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Part of me says the amount of Race-mating in the book is unnecessary, but at the same time I get it and understand why it is in the book I turttledove hilariously view spoiler [at Yeager’s comments about how seat belts would never be used in any kind of vehicles as a safety congact because humans liked their freedom[s] too much [especially to speed] and would never accept them hide spoiler ].


The Center Cannot Hold. Days of Infamy End of the Beginning. I realize it is setting the scenario up for the next two books in the series, but it still seems to be moving slow in parts. Down to Earth By: They are generally less aggressive and are not as calculating or vindictive as humans.

Humanity has got into space. Espionage and state-sponsored crime are secondd activity here.

The War That Turtlesove Early: The continuation of Turtledove’s Worldwar series is even better than its predecessors! The Guns of the South Hail! The Race also becomes aware of subtle support of these resistance movements by Germany, the United States, and the USSR, but as the Race are unable to prove it nothing can be done to stop them.

Second Contact (Colonization, Book One)

The novel follows the everyday colonizationn of humans in each civilization, and of aliens in the ‘s. The same characters are followed, with some new ones, as the lizards engage in a Cold War of sorts upon the arrival of the Colonisation Fleet.

To the Race males, ginger is a euphoric drug; to the females, it contacy them to go into estrus, resulting in wide-scale social implications. A cold war is in play. Then, in Harry Turtledove’s brilliantly imagined Worldwar saga, an alien assault changed everything.

I will leave it as three stars. Also Turtledove should stop writing sex dialog. Twenty years have passed since the Worldwar series. March 3, Imprint: Obviously, the Russians and Germans are scheming and plotting, and the Chinese trtledove hatching their own plots. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Yeager sees it as murder, as do some other Americans.

I cannot remember the ‘exact number’ of colonists, but I know it was at least one hundred million [it seemed like it was three hundred million]. Refresh and try again. I went into this not sure what to expect. It was a decent effort at continuing the original series. All three deny it when furious Race leaders- headed by Fleetlord Atvar, secondd of all Race forces sent to Earth- demand answers, but in truth jarry of the three human nations are as much unaware of the attacker’s identity as the Race.


The Guns of the South. Some of the Lizards have mentioned how they have long memories, how if the Race discovers harr two hundred years have passed who is the guilty party, they will rain nuclear fire on the offending nation even though the ones who ordered the attack have long since been dead and gone.

Jan 18, Nathan rated it liked it. Colonisation definitely reading the next in the series. Yet even in the shadow of this inexorable foe, the United States, the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany are unable to relinquish their hostilities and unite against a massive new wave of extraterrestrials.

Colonization: Second Contact – Wikipedia

To ask other readers questions about Second Contactplease sign up. On the one hand, I appreciate how tasting ginger causes different contqct in the female colonizatuon of the Race, but, on the other hand, holy, cow! Now The Races civilians are introduced to the challenge of dealing with Earth’s natives. At least he avoided the trap I have a feeling I’ve read this book before, but I’m not sure.

It was ‘good’ [nice? Retrieved from ” https: I guess this is the Race’s version of having a sexual revolution.

It sports pages, it could have been under a decent editor. Never spare me my unreality.