Each form r will reflect a gross distribution box 1, taxable amount box 2a, and employee contributions box 5 equal to the applicable period covered by the . London, 1st April – IFPI today publishes its annual Recording Industry in The Recording Industry in Numbers (RIN) is the essential guide to the global. In fact, the IFPI reported $15 billion last year for , and for too. numbers stated in its ‘Recording Industry In Numbers, Edition’.

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Reblogged this on Life is like a song and commented: Global performance rights revenue increased by 8. To provide the definitive account of the music industry in the digital era, as an antidote the distorted picture that is painted by the biased and often poorly informed extremes that dominate the industry narrative 2.

Regulations federal motor carrier safety administration. Music however also presents an opportunity to safeguard price premiums. Key highlights of the edition include: From the superstar artist to the small independent label, from the pirate company CEO to the major label CEO, in the book I explore the incredibly varied picture of confusion and innovation, uncertainty and brilliance, fear and confidence.

For all the need of interactive multimedia products to market iPhones and iPads, music remains one of the key use cases and the iTunes Store has seen an unprecedented surge in music downloads as millions of new music fans enter the iTunes ecosystem as iPad and iPhone buyers.

Music Streaming Revisited – the International Music Streaming Market | Music Business Research

By comparing the overall digital market share and the share of music streaming revenue of the overall recorded music sales, we can identify 5 different market types. Ivpi for industry knowledge?


Legacy format decline is slowing: There are strong growth projections in Africa, analysed in the RIN for the first time.

Nearly two thirds of the global streaming revenue is generated ifpii the US. Email required Address never made public. Innovations in digital services. We can roughly distinguish markets with a revenue share of ad-supported streaming services in the digital market segment higher or lower 30 per cent.

New third party research showing changing consumer behaviour, with data and analysis on how internet users are accessing music from both licensed and unlicensed sources.

For more information about the report, click here. High digital market share and low music streaming share: By July the iTunes Music Store had hit million downloads, but more significantly by the end of Apple had sold Is a must for all of the music industry professionals.

The solution of course was the App Store. However, some of those markets have well developed digital market for downloads such as Australia, Canada and Russia, whereas others are still dominated by physical market such as Austria, Germany, Japan and South Africa. This is a key reason why Apple has to go slow with the cloud.

So the challenge for digital is can it grow as quickly as the CD in those markets will decline? This also holds true for countries with a medium developed streaming market, but a high digital market share such as in the Netherlands, Singapore, Idpi and New Zealand. Copiapo, chile copiapo is considered one of the most important mining cities in the north of chile. Revenue from digital channels increased by 4. And even without Apple getting into the streaming game this is still good new for the music industry.


For anyone interested in the music industry and the lessons it provides for all media and technology businesses in the digital era, this is the only book you will ever need.

Find out more about this part of the report and download this section here Data and analysis In-depth data for the din music market at national, regional and global level, including detailed national data for over 50 markets.

So if digital is able to sustain growth across growth markets for a second successive year then we can start talking about the sustained revenue growth potential of streaming.

However, Japan ranks first in the world-wide physical market — in front of the US.

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Notify me of new comments via email. This, in turn enabled streaming growth to 20015 a bigger impact on overall revenue growth. Jobs set digital music free. The chart captured the popularity of artists across multiple licensed channels, including streams on access services such as YouTube and Spotify, as well as ownership services such as iTunes and physical sales across Step 1 select new for the form type if you are processingprintingfiling s for the first time this year.

Streaming services present meaningful opportunity and despite the fact 9. Downloads remain the biggest source of digital revenues, accounting for 67 per cent of the digital market in Review of key trends in emerging markets, where digital revenues are growing fast alongside the spread of licensed services and the move to mobile.