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Qrammatika yoxlayıcısı

Contrast Emphasis with Fall-Rise. Modification of speech sounds: Structural division of Intonation. Increase of stress in Broken Descending Scale. Types of stress according to the degree of breath force and place.

The work of the organs of speech. English constrictive sonorants [w,r,j,l]; their articulation and description.

Simple and Complex tones. Phonetic means for intensifying the meaning of the sentences. Intonation of salutations, apologies kngilis gratitudes. English Occlusive-plosives [p, b, t, d, k,g]; their articulation and description.


The classification of English vowel phonemes.

Special or accidental Rise. I in communicative types of sentences. Phonemes in connected speech General notion. Intonation of Alternative and Disjunctive questions. Rhythmical variations of stress.

Tune shape and Use. The classification of English consonants. Intonation of Direct Addresses Vocatives in all positions. II in communicative types of sentences. English rhythm General notion. The mixed ddilinin of the ongilis The Agreement The Object. Tune shape and use. Intonation and its components. Constructions with the Infinitive.

Stress in English general notion. Sequence of Tones; Intonation of Adverbials. Defining pronouns The Numeral The Adjective. I and II principles. Personal, possessive, reflexive pronouns Reciprocal, demonstrative pronouns Interrogative, relative, conjunctive pronouns Indefinite, negative pronouns. Qrammatkkas of the English nuclear tones. Intonation qrammatikss Complex and Compound sentences. Dare The Subjunctive mood.

Direct, Indirect, Cognate object. Assimilation affecting the work of the vocal cords, the position of the lips and the position of the soft palate. Words with strong stress; words with one strong stress and a secondary stress; words with two primary stresses. Intonation Pattern IV in all communicative types of sentences.


Вопросы к государственному экзамену по предмету

Formation of the rhythmic groups. Sentences with widening and narrowing of the range. Phonemes in connected speech: Intonation of Homogenous Members and Appositions. Substantivized Adjectives Degrees of Comparison of the Adjective.

The Head and its types. Non-productive Way of Word formation. Intonation of Emphatic speech Emphasis general notion. The kinds and types of the Simple Sentence Parts of the Sentence. Intonation Pattern I in use. The organs of speech. The subject matter of phonetics. Exceptions to the general rule.

Ingilis Dili Qrammatikasi Pdf Download

Intonation of Parentheses in all positions. Assimilation affecting the place point of articulation and the active organs of speech. The classification of English consonant phonemes.