Avner Cohen (born ) is a writer, historian, and professor, and is well known for his works His seminal work, Israel and the Bomb, which chronicled the Israeli nuclear program, was published in This book led him to encounter. Until now, there has been no detailed account of Israel’snuclear history. Previous treatments of the Israel and the Bomb. Avner Cohen. Copyright Date: Israel and the Bomb has 57 ratings and 4 reviews. Nick said: I, like, forgot how to read over the past few months. Back on the wagon, huzzah! A poor choi.

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In his memoirs Peres cites some of the principles that guided him in leading the program, writing that, at the outset, he knew what the project’s limits were. David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, entertained the vision early on, but until the mids it was no more than a hope for the future.

His research interests include media and religion in Israel and Judaism; religion and news; foreign news reporting; defence and the media.

There are no two atomic energies. Much of the credit for building the Dimona complex belongs to Pratt. Peres was the architect of the Franco-Israeli alliance that made the Dimona deal possible.

Israel and the Bomb – Avner Cohen – Google Books

Years later, in the capacity of director-general of the IAEC he replaced Dostrovsky inFreier was involved in securing opacity as Israel’s nuclear doctrine. Nate rated it it was amazing Oct 21, Other key individuals played important roles in Israel’s nuclear vision.

We must have no illusions that what is declared every day in Cairo, Damascus, Iraq are just words. The determination not to be helpless again, a commitment to the idea that Jews should control their own fate, characterized Ben Gurion’s determined campaign for Jewish statehood after the Second World War. Since the mids Ben Gurion had sought this goal in two ways.


These make the difference between a leader’s vision and a credible nuclear-weapon project.

Avner Cohen

After these studies he embarked on an avjer c Avner Cohen is writer, historian, and professor, and is well known for his works on nuclear weapons. Bergmann no longer enjoyed the trust and authority he had under Ben Gurion, and in June he offered his resignation to Eshkol. Ben rated it really liked it Jan 10, These efforts yielded few results during the tenure of Pinhas Lavon, who was skeptical of Peres’s French orientation, but the return of Ben Gurion to power in provided the necessary political backing for Peres’s efforts It was difficult at times to distinguish Bomh involvement in science from his involvement in defense projects.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. When, on 1 Aprilhe submitted his resignation from his three posts at the Ministry of Defense, his resignation was welcomed. In Isreal participation was limited also because top Israeli scientists had reservations about Bergmann’s and Peres’s nuclear vision. There emerged two prime contractors–Pratt and Mardor–and a few subcontractors, all reporting directly to Peres.

Ernst David Bergmann and Shimon Peres. I knew when I appointed him that he would give me a hard time, and indeed he did: Although Peres never served in uniform, he was the wunderkind of Israel’s defense establishment. As a result, it was decided to bypass the scientific establishment. A poor choice to start with, unfortunately. Preview — Israel and the Bomb by Avner Cohen.

Avnner training, Avner Cohen is a philosopher. To have peace with Israel required that they accept their losses as final. For the young and politically ambitious Peres, there were political and bureaucratic reasons that attracted him to the nuclear project, beyond his belief in the project’s contribution to Israel’s security.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Cohen received a B. The Arabs found it difficult to accept the military defeat in because of their strategic advantages. Kennedy and Eshkol Strike a Deal.

In the pre-state period he was a key figure in the effort to procure arms in Europe, and later was briefly in charge of the navy. Very iseael and well-written; however, fairly dense. I was surprised that a man like you The nuclear project also led Peres, an avid reader who has always been interested in ideas and who sought the company of intellectuals, to form an alliance with experts and professionals, primarily scientists and technocrats. Ned Moran rated it liked it May 13, But this is not the whole story.


Peres commented that Freier was the kind of person the project needed in France. Inon returning from New York, Peres was appointed deputy director-general of the Ministry of Defense.

We do not want the Arab Nazis to come and slaughter us. Inhowever, following his return to power and the establishment of special relations with France, sufficient resources became available to initiate a national nuclear project. Even after the war Ben Gurion continued to believe that the survival of the State of Israel was not assured, surrounded as it was with larger and richer neighbors vowing to destroy it. Israel and the Bomb by Avner Cohen.

Eric Ninneman rated it really liked it Feb 12, In the eyes of these vohen officers, Peres’s lack of military experience undermined his credibility on national security issues. Ben Gurion’s pessimism about the inevitability of the next round influenced Israel’s foreign and defense policy for years.

Avner Cohen’s last gasp?

I do not know of any other nation whose neighbors declare that they wish to terminate it, and not only declare, but prepare for it by all means available to them.

Contents Men and Ethos. Avner Cohen is writer, historian, and professor, and is well known for his works on nuclear weapons. EdwardsMichael D.