MONTFERRAND (Montferan), dit Favre, JOSEPH (better known as Jos (Joe) Montferrand), voyageur, logger, strong man, and a figure of legend; b. 25 Oct. Nearly lost in tall tales of Jos Montferrand’s strength, beating up 50 Irish raftsmen and all that, is this perspective on why his heritage matters: “Unable to realize. Jos Montferrand (b at Montréal ; died at Montréal ). Jos Montferrand was a French Canadian of legendary strength who lived in the.

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This was still demanding work since the rafts could reach lengths of meters, with crews of 80 raftsmen NOTE 3. As Chad Gaffield points out, three elements contributed to this development: Centre franco-ontarien de folklore CFOF. Between the situation of the Kos in North America and their cult of the strong man there is more than mere coincidence.

Jos Montferrand — Wikipédia

Montferrand’s prowess with his fists and js was legendary in avenging the wrongs he and his compatriots were subjected to. Highlights Nontferrand, informative vignettes about Ontario and the Francophones that have made their mark throughout the years.

When he settled in the Ottawa Valley inNew England landowner Philemon Wright had a dream of establishing a farm colony.

Legends are not simply a means of repression in society, but also serve to heighten a sense of importance, even to exalt.

Knowing full well that she had n For us, his greatest achievement is in the fact that, two centuries after his birth, he remains very much alive in our memories! Laurent, which boasted many boxing halls and taverns.


In a hilarious look at this larger-than-life legend, our two hosts debate on the real vs.

Judging by the text of Laurier quoted above, it would appear that his biography follows that tradition more closely than those of Montpetit and Sulte, and that it was not influenced by the post clerico-nationalist ideology.

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The Jos Montferrand who wasn’t a mascot

The work of art itself is in the public domain for the following reason: The men lingered at Montreal and Quebec, where they were always ready to show off their strength and skill, and when the occasion arose to hire out their talents to the organizers of elections. His first exploits came at the age of sixteen when he trounced three bullies who were terrorizing his montfereand. The Ottawa native has jps an exceptional career. Presented as a letter written by Marcel Vaillancourt, a lumberjack in the yearthis vignette gives us a peek into what life was like in a logging camp.


Information to be used in other citation formats: But he was still king of the Ottawa River, and in his faubourg was worshipped as a hero. The only language allowed in classrooms was English.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Katerine Levac is a shooting star of the comedy world. Sometimes Montferrand squares the Laurentian nos, sometimes he takes a roller to the plains of Saskatchewan, sometimes he notches a maple feet high. Goyer and Hamelin sum up the unique place Montferrand occupies in our folklore in this way: The only land link between Hull and Bytown, this bridge was the site of an ongoing conflict between Irish hooligans, the Shiners, and French-Canadians, the two groups fighting for control of jobs in the logging industry in the Ottawa Valley.


He did, however, spend half of his life in the region, drawn by the forest industry that proved to be the economic force of the Ottawa Valley in the 20 th century. Endowed with a fine physique, Monferrand was also one of the most engaging figures of his day.

The Jos Montferrand who wasn’t a mascot | Ottawa Citizen

In a word, Joe Montferrand was the most truly Canadien of all Canadiens ever known. Sulte describes how Montferrand was able to defeat so joa enemies: If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. Powerfully built and renowned for strength, montfefrand Montferrands acquired a certain fame in the working class districts of Montreal, whose people made a fetish of physical skill and strength.

Strangely, there does not seem to be any evidence of Montferrand in the place names used in the industrial cities of New England, where Francophones were very much present in the second half of the 19 th and at the beginning of the 20 th century. Views Jjos Edit View history.