For help, please follow our step-by-step instructions below. Before you shop, make sure of the following: Your Kobo Vox has the correct year, date, and time. Troubleshooting missing books on your Kobo eReader or Kobo Books app · Resuming the Kobo Vox setup Kobo Vox – User Guide (PDF). Required Setup Instructions: Kobo Vox. Estimated time: 10 minutes (if updates are not required). Note: There is a diagram of the button layout and some general .

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In the Kobo Store, you can shop for free books, top-rated books, and more. Search — search for a specific book. Compose, send, and receive email. To visit the Kobo Store from your Kobo library: Changing Library Views Eresder change library views: Skip to step 5.

Volume button Press the volume buttons to increase or decrease the audio The keyboard appears when you tap on any area that requires you to enter text.

Your Kobo Vox comes with the following apps: Tap Manage Apps At the top of the screen, tap All. Help icon The Help icon opens the Kobo Vox help website.

Page 30 – Rotating the page orientation portrait Tap the Appearance icon.

Tap OK again when the next dialog box appears. Tap the Search field near the top right corner of the screen. You can turn sharing back on at any time. Kobo will process your order and your Kobo Vox will start downloading your new book. The preview will download to your Library shelf. Enter text from picture: If you’d manua to shop for new books online, you can eraeder the Kobo Store on your Kobo Vox.


Kobo Vox User Manual

Summary of Contents for Kobo Vox Page 2: You can sign in and out of your Kobo account and your Facebook account. Home Screen Tour Swipe left or right on the screen. Your Kobo Library To open a book, simply tap the book cover.

Swipe left or right to view the pictures or videos on your Kobo Vox. Page 48 You can change the page turning settings so that Read Along audio books will automatically change pages for you every time. Changing The Page Theme You can change the theme of the page so that you can read better in the dark, or even change the colour of the page to look like a vintage novel.

Tap the All Apps icon. When the preview has successfully manjal, the Majual button will turn into a blue Library button. Page 17 Turning off your Wi Fi connection also conserves battery power. Manusl your page turning preference either Automatic or Manual. Page 87 Kobo Vox User Guide be determined by turning the equipment manua, and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: This means that as soon as you log in to Facebook on your Kobo Vox, all your books will be automatically shared onto Facebook Timeline.

Enter your gift card PIN. Downloading apps Get Apps is an online store where you can download free and paid apps for your Kobo Vox. A battery icon at the top right corner of the screen shows you how much power you have left on your Kobo Vox. You have a box email address.


The Kobo mosaic is a widget that eereader can remove or add at any time. Kobo will process your order and your Kobo Vox will start downloading your new book.


The screen automatically locks to prevent you from accidentally opening your book or apps. Rating A Likes and comments on a page. Tap Share to post your message to the wall or set your status. Enter your gift card number. Popular Categories — See a list of books organized by category i. Finding help If you have questions on how to use your Kobo Vox, use the built-in Help feature to find your answer. Tap the centre of the screen. This can be useful if you multitask between different applications.

Go to the website you want to bookmark. Once you have reached the end of your preview, jobo have the ereadr to purchase the complete book. To view additional ereadee options: Tap the Reading icon. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

This allows you to consolidate email from different addresses, and view them at once. The book will automatically open within the Kobo app. Page 32 Kobo Vox User Guide Closing a book and removing a bookmark Closing a book will remove the book from your Home Screen the top 5 books in the Kobo Mosaic and remove your bookmarks.

Searching the Kobo Store on your Kobo Vox If you know the author or title of the book you want, you can search for it. Use only adapter approved by Kobo because adapters not approved might present a risk of fire or explosion, which could cause serious injury, death, and property loss.