Buy Kohler K – White Villager 60″ x 30″ Soaking Tub at KOHLER K Villager Bath with Left-Hand Drain, White – Recessed Bathtubs – KOHLER K Villager Bath with Left-Hand Drain, Biscuit – Recessed Bathtubs –

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A Dynamic Favorites List is automatically created from your purchase history based on the timeframe, ship-to name, and product categories you want included. We’ll be adding the ability to download a print quality image very soon.

This tab is a shortcut back to the palette that you were last working on. Simply click on one of the links below to determine if you have an upgrade available for your browser of choice: You can edit your palette’s project details by clicking on the “Edit Project Details” icon on the right-hand side of the palette stage.

To hide the Product Categories simply click on the name again. When making a palette, ProMatSolutions returns matches for j715 palette specs for you. You simply drag products from and one of the Toolbar tabs onto k15 palette stage.

Kohler Bath Bath Tubs K – Sinere Home Decor

You can opt into receiving product updates and news koohler ProMatSolutions when you first sign-up. Detail Info Specification Warranty Cast iron bath tubs are the most expensive bathtubs on the market. Please add to favorite and contact us for pricing. Depending on the amount of images and the size of your images, it could take a kohldr of time for the web editor to load or save your palette. Rollover any product to view product info. Click on this icon to create a new palette.

Some manufacturers may not have physical samples, or need to contact you to get further information in order to complete the sample request. Here you can download the individual spec sheet for that product. You must SAVE your work regularly and before leaving this page.

Go to “My Palettes” at the top of the website. Click on any “? We use your email address for all necessary communications from ProMatSolutions. When making a palette you will also use this toolbar to drag products from it into your palette. If you’d like to reset all filters, click the “Reset” at the top.


If you see a palette that you like and would like to start with, simply click on the “Duplicate Palette” button, fill in the necessary information, and we’ll copy over all products and create a new palette just for you.

Villagerâ„¢ – Villager 5′ Bath K-715

If you leave the Pro Kohlet Solutions site for an extended period of time OR your computer goes in sleep mode, you may loose your browser session and any unsaved palettes. If you’d like to clear all selections, simply hit the “Reset” button. When making a new palette or editing your palette’s project details there is a little check-box at the end of the form.

If you would like to keep your palette private be sure to select the “Keep Private” option when creating a palette. When requesting samples you can select “2nd Day” or “Overnight” as a shipping preference. Here you can access all the specification sheets for all the products in your palette. To hide options simply click on the filter name. If you leave the ProMatSolutions site for an extended period of time OR your computer goes in sleep mode, you may loose your browser session and any unsaved palettes.

ProMatSolutions is built using the latest technology that is supported by current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and many more. Not a member yet? Create libraries for, say, leather or carpet products you like.

To continue exploring and enjoying the vast library of products ProMatSolutions. Simply fill out the “To” name and email, fill out a personal message and hit send! You can access your libraries on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen or by clicking on the “My Libraries” page.

You can create a different library for each palette.

Villagerâ„¢ – Villager 5′ Bath K : Kohler : Pro Material Solutions: Simply Powerful

You’ll be directed to the palette page and be prompted to fill out your project specs. Gloss reduction, scratching, staining and alkaline etching of the finish over time due to use, cleaning practices or water or atmospheric conditions, are not manufacturing defects but are indicative of normal wear and tear. Here you can access all products in the ProMatSolutions database.


Customer Credit Available Accelerate your business’s options and take it the next level when you open a credit line with Barnett. We don’t provide the palette title or description as that may be private information, but you can see the products in a palette, duplicate a palette and share it on social media sites. Fill out your project details and click “Create” The application, budget, colors and location will determine the results in the “Palette Matches” toolbar tab at the bottom of your screen.

KOHLER Villager 5 ft. Left-Hand Drain Integral Farmhouse Apron Cast Iron Bathtub in White

In the toolbar you can click on the “Actions Box” and then select “Create New”. Here kohlre find products here that ONLY match your palette’s application, budget, colors and location.

Mere reference to product information in the Pro Material Solutions database does not signify sponsorship, affiliation, or approval of Pro Material Solutions by the manufacturer. Thus, our library will continue to grow and so should your Matches.

Simply click on the “Save” icon on the right-hand side of your palette. There is a Toolbar located at the bottom of your screen. Rollover each icon to see what each tool does. Online Help Center Get the professional answers you deserve.

Click on this to view all the product categories available. Create a New Barnett Account. Once you join PalettApp, you can view your personal product libraries here on the “My Libraries” tab. Enter a Name for your List: The recipient will get a special message with an image of the palette and a link to view it.