Jerry Kuhnhausen’s manuals are universally considered the best written and Gunsmithing the Colt Automatic (and MMA1 copies) with Jerry. Gunsmithing books now in print by Jerry Kuhnhausen: The S&W Revolver – A Shop Manual The Colt. 45 Automatic – A Shop Manual. A Shop Manual. Volume 1 In the Kuhnhausen M Pistol Series. Jerry Kuhnhausen. “MK IV Series 80″ Government Model”. Colt product photos supplied by.

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DanggerDec 28, In this regard, it is our intention to provide professional gunsmiths and students with as much basic data as possible on the referenced models, particularly now that many thousands of heavily used M, MA1, and commercial equivalent pistols are in civilian hands. Jan 22, Messages: S and foreign kunhausen contract production approx. By continuing to use this site, you certify that you have read and agree to abide by the Legal Terms of Use.

Find all ouhnhausen by cohland.

Colt Workshop Manual – Jerry Kuhnhausen | Forums

No, Virginia, lousy M kuhnhauswn parts that can predictably only break does not add up to bad M Pistol design. A review I saw of the Kuhnhausen manuals mentioned that the reviewer’s only complaint was that the books should have been spiral-bound so that they can lay flat on the workbench.

Budget the money for both volumes. Section II includes basic M function kuhnahusen a detailed description of the cycle of operation for those not yet fully familiar; a parts section, including exploded parts diagrams; bench checks, and disassembly in brief disassembly is covered in greater detail in Vol.


Additionally, it seems only fair that nonprofessionals should have access to, and benefit of, as many of the same specifications, cautions, and safety warnings as possible.

Use it as a reference guide to troubleshoot your or learn how to customize and fit your Attention if you have renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not taken effect within 24 hours please send the tech account a private message here to get your account corrected and for further instruction.

National Ordnance frames were mostly G. Find all posts by straid. Alabama and Florida, US Posts: Sep 27, Messages: Sep 13, Messages: Copyright infringement aggressively pursued to the full extent of civil and criminal law.

Jerry Kuhnhausen guide – is this “the one?” – Forum

Vol II has dimensional specifications, critical performance data, inspection data, which parts optimize accuracy, and lots of other stuff. Go into the Group Buy Request thread and voice that you’re interested in an “el cheapo “.

Auto Ordnance is currently a division of Kahr and has since improved they fit janual quality. Volume I was edited from a series of loose leaf manuals originally janual by the author for shop training and is a literal compendium on M 45 Auto troubleshooting, repair, hand fitting, custom gunsmithing, and basic accurizing.


You must log in or sign up to reply here. So make sure you download, keep a copy, and share it with anyone who ask nicely. All drawings and graphic representations in this manual are covered under copyright and are not reproducible or transmittable by any means without the express written permission of the publisher.

Colt 1911 Workshop Manual – Jerry Kuhnhausen

No, create an account now. In this regard, reliable data can only help. In keeping with Kuhnhausen’s original manuals, and with the intent of minimizing the need to thumb back and forth between sections, parts inspections are covered in assembly sequence.

May want to double check copyright on the “book”.

Kuhnhausen’s first book on the M type pistols- The Colt 45 Automatic – A Shop Manual now referred to as Volume I has been a top seller since initial publication and will remain in print long into the future. Colt Automatic Pistols, by Donald B.

Some components, including frames, slides, and barrels are off-specification both dimensionally and metallurgically. They split it into two, but that doesn’t mean Vol II is less worthy. Here’s the web-site for all the Kuhnhausen books, videos and posters; www.

ChrisATXDec 28,