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In the viral signatures HerpesviridaeRetroviridaeParapoxviridaePolyomaviridaePapillomaviridae families were detected.

BC correlated with enrichment in taxa of lower abundance of FusobacteriumAtopobiumGluconacetobacterHydrogenophaga and Lactobacillus genera. Transcriptional control of local estrogen formation by aromatase in the breast. The largest collection of these microorganisms is found in the gastrointestinal tract. Global burden of cancers attributable to infections in So far, the human gastrointestinal tract is the best investigated microbiota and is serving as a model for understanding host—microbiota interactions and disease.

The microenvironment in and around the tumor contains a variety of cell types, including the microbiota. Exact sequence variants should replace operational taxonomic units in marker-gene data analysis.

Cases presented 180010 urinary estrogen levels. The gut microbiome of case patients had higher levels of ClostridiaceaeFaecalibacteriumand Ruminococcaceae ; and lower levels of Dorea and Lachnospiraceae.

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Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflict of interest. For instance, the presence of the specific bacterium S. Genomic analysis identifies association of Fusobacterium lye colorectal carcinoma.


Million Women Study Collaboration. This website uses cookies to improve your browsing Reproductive history, alcohol intake, obesity, and use of hormone therapy exert their effects, at least in part, by modifying the time and intensity of the exposure of the mammary gland to steroidal hormones [ 12 ].

Obesity-associated systemic interleukin-6 promotes pre-adipocyte aromatase expression via increased breast cancer cell prostaglandin E2 production. A diverse population of bacteria was detected within tissue collected from sites all around the breast.

Find articles by Juan Manuel Astorga. Cancer incidence and mortality in relation to body mass index in the Million Women Study: This review discusses important questions such as the role of the human microbiota in BC development, its ability to modulate inflammation, immunity and metabolism, and the possibility that both intestinal and local microbes could affect cancer prevention and be a new target for therapeutic approaches, thus improving the prognosis and quality of life of breast cancer patients.

Meta-analyses of human gut microbes associated with obesity and IBD. Nevertheless, in colon cancer, the overabundance of a single bacterial species Fusobacterium nucleatum has been correlated with disease and with increased likelihood of lymph node metastasis [ 41 ].

Bacterial communities within the host could be one additional environmental factor related to BC, lye has been only recently considered in sporadic breast cancers of unknown etiology.


For example, Lactococcus spp.

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Absolute numbers of Bifidobacterium and Blautia, and proportion of F Prausnitzii and Blautia were significantly different according to clinical stages. Breast tumor tissue and paired normal adjacent tissue from the same women.

Feces from women with early-stage breast cancer. Table 1 Human studies dealing with microbiota and breast cancer. Microbiota effects on cancer: Within the gut, Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes are the two main phyla involved in the colonic metabolism of indigestible nutrients, including dietary fibers and polyphenols [ 57 ]. Dicha responsabilidad se extiende al registro que fuese necesario para acceder a determinados servicios o contenidos. Functional Pathways More important as a cancer risk and promoting factor than the microbiota composition is its functionality.

Their collective bacterial genome harbors approximately fold more genes than the human genome [ 14 ]. Thus, some studies by Urbaniak et al. Ribosomal Data Project Bayesian classifier, specific method not disclosed.

The relation between these main phyla and BMI remains unclear [ 48 ]. Bard and colleagues [ 62 ] also evaluated the composition of the gut microbiota among BC patients with different clinical characteristics.