Lizardmen used to dominate by sheer magic power, as Slann were the same old thing that was in the Codex Armybook for like 10 editions. I’m going to rate units in color codes as to make a handy and quick reference in the The general Characteristics that follow Lizardmen armies. Lizardmen Army Book has 16 ratings and 0 reviews. Army supplement to the Warhammer Published August 3rd by Games Workshop. More Details.

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The 8e Lizardmen Handbook. The handbook is written with no Comp in mind — any amount of anything is considered good to lizardmeh and nothing is considered more or less useful due to its rating in a certain comp system.

This handbook is written with an all-comers list in mind. This handbook is written with a competitive list in mind. This is a choice that’s so bad, it actively detracts from your army synergy and makes your lizarddmen a worse one overall.

It may oizardmen in certain matchup or when used in certain ways, but in general it’s a subpar choice. Green is the average. Not necessarily a great choice, but it’s rarely one you’ll end up regretting. Blue is an above-average or exceptional choice. These options frequently increase army synergy and overall list strength.

Lizardmen Army Book by Jeremy Vetock

Purple is the highest rating in this handbook, and it’s reserved for choices that should be llizardmen in virtually all competitive lists. Don’t leave home without ’em. The above is directly copy pasted from afore mentioned guides for easy reference the forums across – credits to Rothgar13 References: The general Characteristics that follow Lizardmen armies.

Lizardmen can do most things but long range shooting well. If we want to we can also build a shooty list with a limited range, but great movement.

Lizardmen is 20113 infantry centric army — we are reliant on clouds of skinks or units of Saurus warriors almost regardless of what list we play. Lizardmen can go with both a defensive and an offensive strategy.

Cold blooded — The ability to roll 3 dice for leadership tests and take the 2 lowest is an immensely useful tool though somewhat diminished, but still great, with the nerf of Skink leadership in the new book.

This Rule’s usefulness is diminished first by the randomness of having to first roll the correct result on a dice, and second by the added lack of control it adds. However it will be rare that we do not wish to pursuit and it is possible to build around that punishment so all in all the rule should generate us a small, but still nifty amount of extra attacks.

Aquatic — This rule is dependent on the rolled terrain, as it makes units with the rule harder to hit and allows them to remain steadfast, claim ranks or march in Marshland or river. Jungle Poisons – Simply put, poison for skinks but only for ranged combat. cosex

Point your skinks at the right enemy target, or your chameleon skinks in that regard and watch the poison take it’s effect. Poison is at it’s most usefulness against low AS, high toughness unitt. Now start rolling them 6’s. Scaly Skin – Scaly skin is an armor save on top of, or instead lizarden, a normal armor save. With only one model missing out this is a great special rule.

It should be noted that Lisardmen otherwise don’t have access to heavy armor or the special kinds of armor some other races possess, which means Lizardmen are not the most armored Warhammer army.


Skink Priests have just the right combination of mobility and expendability to make them great for aiming Slann spells, especially short ranged spells. Telepathic Confabulation — With the End Times expanded Lord allowance, you do need a large points sized game to have two Slann in one army. To make this power more than lizardmn novelty, you generally need one Slann lizarrmen the center of your army to transfer radius spells to and a more a distance Slann to transfer your long range spells too.

You can also transfer your miscast prone high value spells to a lone Slann away from a bunkered Slann. Be wary of giving one Slann all of your best spells, since you lose everything if he dies. That’s why our current yellow is more orange than yellow Work in Progress – I’d love some support on this, advice, constructive criticism, correction of grammar and spelling errors and pointers towards the rating of units and rules. Last edited by a moderator: VampTeddyOct 5, vodex The 8e Lizardmen Handbook Magic and Lizardmen: It is worth noting that only our Slann have access to all lores while our Skink priests can only access Beasts and Heavens and Undeath if End Times rules are used which excludes considerations for Skink signature caddies of anything but Lore of Beasts and Lore of Heavens.

Lore of Beasts Lore Attribute – Wildheart: Considering the amount of Monsters, Monstrous Beasts, Monstrous Cavalry and cCvalry we’re using I deem Wildheart lizagdmen be fairly useful – however more nifty than amazing. Most races love this spell and for a reason, on Lizardmen with a standard toughness and strength around 4 it becomes even more powerful. Both an amazing defensive, and offensive spell and you’re guaranteed to get it if you want it – don’t miss out.

The Flock of Doom: Magic missile with xodex hits and very low punch behind them. Our own Soul Quench puts this spell very much to shame.

You might find use for it on other Skinks or low toughness targets, but if there’s a spell I would exchange for Wyssan’s everyday – this is it. The characters 203 build to survive will most likely survive without cosex bonus, even though it can be important enough to swing their survival into the good brackets, and allow them to take on even bigger foes there’s definitely better spells in beasts for us.

If you need to feel how it’s like to have a cannon, this is the spell lizardmmen you.

Lizardmen Army Book – Sklep Modelarski Agtom

At it’s normal potency it will act like a bolt thrower with normal strength, unlike our giant bow, and at high strength it will be the closest we get to experiencing firing a cannon. The Curse of Anraheir: A great tool for getting large amounts of troops down in reasonable sizes. Anything expensive in numbers hates this thing too. The Savage Beast of Horros: Good things should be exploited until there’s no room back to exploit in. This bad boy will have our Saurus Heroes and Lords hitting many more times which works wonders with PF, and give them enough of a strength boost that a great weapon Scar vet starts hitting like a cannon in close combat.

I can see this coming in handy when flying in a lowly Skink to act as a vassal for the mighty Slann when suddenly the dice gods go in your favor assuming the Skink is level 2 and rolled this spell. I like how this lore takes our strengths and brings it to the next lvel. Our Skinks will even become worthwhile close combat fighters with a Wyssan’s on their scales. All in all a great lore for a LM army and with Skinks able to take it, it wouldn’t be an error to bring one or two if only for Wyssan’s.

I am not sure I’d stick this lore on a Slann, Transformation is not usable by the Slann due to the palanquin special rule, but in a character driven and monster heavy army it might be worthwhile. Lore Attribute – Roiling Winds: Conditional but useful since most armies include some kind of fliers and some are so particularly nasty they should be shot down, this will help do just that. To us this is golden. Not a game breaker in each of the three cases you get the rerolls, but combined there’s enough of a bonus, and a low enough casting value to merit a good supporting spell.


Against the right type of list, and with the right usage in mind this could come in handy in many games. In some you won’t need it though and it might be a candidate to get your Lizadmen Blizzard. Curse of the Midnight Wind: The higher casting cost of this spell makes me want it less than it’s augment twin brother.

However it still has its uses and can provide difficulty against both Poison and Lizardmdn Blow and it even though we hit hard and are tough it isn’t of un-noted value to have your opponent reroll his hits, wounds and armor saves. One of the better Magic Missiles.

It complements our lack of ranged artillery and amounts of low strength shooting well by delivering long range, especially boosted, high strength hits. This spell is strong not necessarily for the damage it might do, but for the psychological factor of denying a certain area of the battlefield from your enemy. It will cause a reaction, and if you 203 it right you should be able to exploit it. While friendly fire is possible this is to me the best spell of the lore.

It should be mentioned that if Tetto’eko is in your codx this spell becomes even more of a game-changer enabling you, nearly, to dictate almost when the comet lands.

A solid spell though with a rather lizagdmen spread on damage. The high strength and decent chance of a spread however makes this spell a good one to us as the range gives us long range fire as with Urannon’s Thunderbolt.

Warhammer Army Book

This Lore offers plenty of useful spells. I feel it complements us both in terms of a Primary lore on the Slann, a level 1 Skink priest just for Iceshard Lizardmmen or a level 2 Priest for a random extra and an extra chance at Comet. It should be mentioned that Tetto’eko receives loremaster cpdex this lore and lizardmeb be able to hold the role as your army’s main caster with plenty of useful spells to cast. Lore Attribute – Life Leeching: Getting your dice back by dealing damage with a lore specialized in dealing damage is a strong attribute.

This is a useful spell for character sniping and with a Slann in a TG getting him into range becomes less dangerous than lizarrdmen would be for most other casters or you could always go for the boosted version – LD 9 is fairly potent as well so a good spell on a Slann that should provide good results. Aspect of the Dreadknight: A spell that makes us cause fear or terror has small use on our Saurus, but that’s about it.

Lizardmen Army Book 2013

We will find Fear coeex Terror almost anywhere else we look in our lists. Not useless, but not exactly golden either. Another lizarmen spell with a decent range once boosted and a TG suited range when not. This one is less chancy and is great to use against low strength enemy characters like mages.

Now this spell provides the same bonus that Wyssan’s gives to our units, just on anything that targets the selected units.

This spell even has a bubble effect for further destruction.