Lynn Meskell gracefully sifts the evidence to reveal Egyptian domestic arrangements, social and family dynamics, sexuality, emotional experience, and attitudes. A Future in Ruins. UNESCO, World Heritage, and the Dream of Peace. Lynn Meskell. Interdisciplinary focus blends archaeology, history, politics, development . Lynn Meskell. In , the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was founded as an intergovernmental agency aimed at .

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The Texture of Things: We go on to examine overall trends from annual sessions of the World Heritage Committee from its start in to in terms of site inscription on the World Heritage List, membership on mskell Committee and size of national delegations in order to look in greater detail at the rising profile of Asia. This article explores this possibility quantitatively by analyzing a unique dataset containing information from the summary records of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s sessions over the — period.

Cosmopolitian Heritage Ethics more. The nature of the beast: The paper begins with an overview of the establishment of protected areas in South Africa. Positioning the researcher as a negotiator of significant truths rather than an adjudicator of a priori precepts enables contributors to relocate ethics in new sets of social and scientific relationships triggered by recent globalization processes – from new forms of intellectual and cultural ownership to accountability in governance, and the very ways in which people are studied.

Throughout I hope to lay some groundwork for a hybrid practice I refer to as archaeological ethnography — a traversing of two distinct, but necessarily enmeshed subfields. This article traces the fate of that proposal and underlines the intransigence of sovereign states during those short-lived discussions.


Lynn Meskell – Google Scholar Citations

Current anthropology 41 5, The somatization of archaeology: The transactional nature of World Heritage is traced across three scales: However, its mission to prevent conflict, destruction, and intolerance, mexkell noble and much needed, increasingly falls short, as recent battles over meeskell World Heritage sites of Preah Vihear, Chersonesos, Jerusalem, Palmyra, Aleppo, and Sana’a, among others, have underlined. Conversations around Kruger National Park more.

Her argument steadily moves us toward the unexpected revelation that UNESCO’s interventions, understood by the world’s disenfranchised as redolent of Western arrogance, increase the threat to the cultural treasures they are supposed to protect. Is it because the ancient Egyptians fetishized material objects that we find their culture captivating today? Annual review of anthropology 31 1, In essence, what the leaked cables reveal are the linkages between seemingly unrelated spheres and events, thus underscoring the intricate hyperconnectivity of heritage.

A Future in Ruins

Duke University Press Publication Date: Across UN platforms, the failures of multilateralism are increasingly evident. Private Life in Msskell Kingdom Egypt more. Only 1 left in stock – order soon. Some other recent books and edited collections include The Nature of Culture: While the World Heritage programme is experiencing a fiscal crisis, significant challenges also stem from sovereign states, non-governmental agencies and other actors.

S Masuku Van Damme.

Following the material meskll two prehistoric cases more. Such scholarly separations are understandable due to archaeological specialisations in osteology or figurines, burial practices or stable isotope ratios.

New studies of anthropomorphic figurines from the site reveal an emphasis on depicting fleshy, aging, non-gendered bodies that might signify a concern with old age and survival that serves to challenge older notions of a Mother Goddess cult. I argue that both themes are connected to desires about permanence, restoration and ultimately improving upon the fragilities of fleshed matter through a focused curation of the skeletal elements. Figuring Ancient Egypt and the Classic Maya more. Figural and Faunal Perspectives more.


Depositional practices at the site suggest processes of mobility and circulation that have rarely been considered in studies of figurines.

McDonald Institute Monographs, Cambridge, The very fact that so much politicking meskkell around one site, and one that was largely invisible in international heritage circles until its controversial UNESCO listing and the resultant border war, is instructive. The contributors explore the implications of applying the cosmopolitan ideals Drawing on the remarkably rich and detailed archaeological, iconographic, and textual evidence from some years of the New Kingdom, as well as recent theoretical innovations meskll several fields, it reconstructs private and social life from birth to death.

Moving beyond the Black Atlantic: Social Archaeology and Origins Research: To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider.

She wants to see archaeology labour in the service of a newly emergent and more equitable nation, to perform a remedial and therapeutic service that actively counteracts the centuries of colonial oppression and apartheid erasures that have deeply affected the production meskel, the past and thus future possibilities. In the final analysis, Meskell moves forward through time and examines the consumption and appreciation of these Egyptian material objects in the contemporary world.