A new printing of Steven Youell’s lecture notes, originally from * The Card Trick That The Hacker Stack A new idea in memorized stack work. Powerful. is this still available from Steven Youell? For a while, the “Hacker Stack” was offered as a free download, but that offer has long since been. Originally Posted by Steven Youell I use Si Stebbins as a Called it the Hacker Stack and published around 15 years ago. So you shuffle into.

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Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Many features may not work properly without it. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings. Originally Posted by prodigy Is a video recording available for this lecture? I would love to see this. If your URL is correct, you’ll see an image preview here. Large images may take a few minutes to appear. Using others’ images on the web without their permission may be bad manners, or worse, copyright infringement.

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Log me in automatically on each visit. Steven is back on now. Man, I’m so sorry everyone.

What is the best stacked deck to memorize : Miscellaneous – Page 2

Things were going great until I messed it up! Rudy you did nothing wrong. This is fine and we’re learning. And you allowed us to hear and see a lecture by Steven Youell, a “name magician” of incredible talent and abilities!

I thank you for the heavy lifting.

hacker stack – The Genii Forum

I thank Steven for the lecture. And this is a beautiful thing. This conference call video thing is extremely hard to do. You know my background and I can tell you it fails way more often than it succeeds. I call what happened today a success! Have a great time at the party and please give Mr. Lorayne my best for many more! I am missing part 2 as well, but don’t worry, it is being recorded and the links will be posted later. The second call was limited as to the number of participants, so many of us missed it, you are not alone but we will be able to enjoy it later.

Oh man, I thought the session was dead.

I hung around for a while then I got tired of watching Rudy repeats. The first time I thought it was live and he was fixing it.


Then I got to the point I joined. This I’d Memorex, not live.

I had trouble getting on for the first 30 minutes, but once on I was magicc to stay with it. Terrific job by Steven.

I hope the recording survived. There were more than one golden nugget given out by Steven, who should be commended for giving so much of his time and expertise so freely.

And I do mean freely. Thank you Rudy for organizing this lecture and to Steven for sharing some great material including the displacement from the “Non Working Self Working Card Trick” and also the info on the Hacker Stack.

I look forward to the link for Part 2. Is a video recording available for this lecture? Please send Stdven an email so that he can work this out with you.

I think you’ll enjoy it Prodigy! Thanks Rudy, I’ve emailed him via the forum. Previous Topic Next Topic.